Posts and Pages – Organizing Your Blog

What is the difference between a post and a page and where should I put my information?

This is a commonly asked question amongst the grade nine’s who have just started Digital Literacy 10 at Heritage Woods Secondary. Initially it can be hard to tell the difference between posts and pages, however, as you add more information to your blog the distinction between the two becomes clearer.

Creating pages and posts is a way of organizing information on your blog. All student blogs have been established with the same template – with pages created especially so that students can post showcase items to their various classes and reflect upon them and their growth as learners.

Each core class in Grade 9 can be seen in a drop-down menu by hovering over the grade nine tab. It is the same for classes in Grade 10. Other pages common to the template include About Me, Digital Literacy 10 and Core Competencies. These pages are where students will post evidence and artifacts of their learning.

If a student completes a video in his/her English 9 class and wants it to be a showcase of their learnging they will add it to the English 9 page along with a reflection on that assignment. The same goes for assignments in any of the other classes that students are working in. This means it is easily accessible and all in one place.

Posts are a bit different. They are like a running dialogue of your involvement in school activities, clubs, teams etc. Posts are a place where you can reflect on and showcase what you are passionate about, interested in, or want to share with the world. A member of KWAP may want to talk and reflect on their experiences helping those less fortunate on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. A post would be the way to do it.

Posts can be organized by categories and tags which will make them easier to find. Students also have the option of including a widget (on one side of their blog) that will display their posts on a month by month basis.

Organizing your blog by using posts and pages allows you to create a neat, and well organized space that will allow you to showcase your learning to your peers, post-secondary institutions and potential employers.

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Why Blogging?

No doubt staff, students and parents have a number of questions surrounding the new Digital Literacy 10 course at Heritage Woods Senior Secondary and the ways in which the school is going to look at integrating technology. Through posts on this blog we will look to keep all interested parties up to date on what is going on surrounding the course, and the use of technology within Heritage Woods.

Why Blogging?

The blog is an opportunity for students to develop a repository in addition to reflecting, sharing and organizing their learning. It is a showcase of student learning that will be added to as the students’ progress through their career in Heritage Woods Senior Secondary. Students are welcome to write their own posts and content to their blog but should look to use the various pages as a means of collecting artifacts of their in-class learning for their showcase portfolio.

This blog, like everything else on the internet, will stay with the students even after they have left Heritage Woods Secondary. It is part of their digital footprint. It can, and hopefully will be used, to showcase their accomplishments and reflections to future employers and post-secondary institutions among others.

In addition, the blog offers opportunities for in-class collaboration, and exchange of ideas. Students will be able to connect easily with each other in-class and be able to provide positive, thoughtful and constructive feedback on student assignments.

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