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Scary Story (More)
Tax Units Chapter 7
                Reflection: This is not an assignment or a project but it was just a unit that i (More)
Math Final Review
                Reflection: Reviewing for my Math Final was hard to accomplish because i had to g (More)
Math Workbook
Reflection; In math, for each lesson we did, we got a page or two of homework after every class. To do this I had to use critical thinking so I could analyze and solve each one of the problems. Sometimes when I didn't understand how to do one of t (More)
96% was the final test score that I have received in the class. While 91% is the final math grade overall. (More)
Gross Pay and Net Pay
This lesson was rather interesting because we got to learn more about taxes, and the amount of money we would actually receive in each pay period. It pretty much helped me visualize how things work, really helpful. More)
Factoring Trinomials
This is a homework assignment my teacher had given me to see how well I was understanding the concept of factoring trinomials. Factoring was the first unit we did in Math 10, and I found that I had a difficult time wrapping my head around the concept (More)
Simple and Compound Interest
This is probably one of the hardest chapters I have learned in Math 10. It is complicated and to be honest, at first I did not like it at all. But once you manage to understand the problem more carefully and know how to use the formulas, things will (More)
One of the first things we learned in math this year, was factoring. To completely understand how to factor, I had to use critical thinking. It was difficult at first, but then I started to understand, and it became a lot more fun to do. Below is a p (More)
Exponential Notation
Currently in math, we are learning exponential notation. Exponents aren't unfamiliar to me, but this year they became more complicated. I've had to use communication when I haven't understood something we have been taught, so I can get help with it a (More)

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