Take Your Kid To Work Day 2018

Research a career that you are interested in pursuing in the future. Why are you passionate about this career and what does the work entail? What qualifications and/or education will you need to pursue this career? Include images to help you explain your point

when i grow up i want to be a designer or something relate to art. i am looking foward to this job because i like to do art and when i was little i got this dream, i think a designer need to have good art works and good bascics. so they can desgin clothes or buildings or other things. also they need to have good conversation skills so that they could talk to other well and let others to know their project.

for this job, i think we need to graduate from university and have creative ideas so our designs could be different and special from others. if we want to take this as a final job we need to do art for university and go to a university or college just for art. also we need to know most of the histories, colours, and basiccs

science 9

when people are angry why does their heart rate became faster
This is a normal physiological response of humans caused by central nervous system regulation. When people are angry, sympathetic nerves are excited, and catecholamines such as adrenaline and norepinephrine in body fluids increase, causing heart rate, blood pressure, and skin vasoconstriction.

The study found that the heart blood flow doubled when it was angry
When you are angry, your heart’s contraction is strengthened, your heart beats faster, a lot of blood is pouring into your heart, and your heart needs to work twice. At this time, there will be arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia, chest tightness, palpitation, and even angina and myocardial infarction.

Basic meaning of the heart
The heart is one of the most important organs in the vertebrate body. Its main function is to power the blood flow and run the blood to all parts of the body. The human heart is located at the lower left of the middle of the chest and is about the size of a fist and weighs about 250 grams. Women’s hearts are usually smaller and lighter than men. The human heart is shaped like a peach, lying on the cross, between the lungs and to the left. Purpose and punctionof the hearts
The role of the heart is to promote blood flow, provide sufficient blood flow to organs and tissues to supply oxygen and various nutrients, and take away the end products of metabolism to maintain normal metabolism and function.

The heart presses the blood all over the body, giving each cell the nutrients and oxygen it needs. The left atrium inhales oxygen-rich blood from the lungs and then presses the blood all over the body. The left ventricle recovers the “used” blood, which is then returned to the lungs and replenished with fresh oxygen.

I think different people will have different rate of heart. But everyone when they are angry their heart rate will be very fast!
The heart rate may increase, and it is possible to go to 120 times per minute.
Because adrenaline elevation, heart rate

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