Course Outline

Teacher(s): Mr. Blake, Ms. Kim, Mr. Modder, Mr. Raghoobarsingh, Ms. Wilson,

Course Portal: Digital Learning Microsoft Teams Site

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore elements of digital citizenship and literacy. They will be able to identify and classify digital terminology, demonstrate their knowledge of current uses of digital resources and tools, and increase their aptitude for working in an online environment while establishing an online portfolio.


  • During the tutorials, you will be provided with the support needed to complete the digital literacy assignments. This will include, but is not limited to:
    • How to create a Blog (we will be using Edublog)
      • Uploading/embedding videos
      • Uploading documents
    • Using Office365
      • Forms
      • Powerpoint
      • SWAY
      • Visio
  •  Extra support is available outside of our regular FLEX tutorials
    • Room 303: FLEX & Lunch with Tech Leadership students, Ms. Kim & Mr. Raghoobarsingh
    • Room 315/311/Science Office: Ms. Wilson, Mr. Modder
    • Room 300/350: Mr. Blake

Tutorial time and location are organized by SECTION and TEACHER (every other week):

Room 300 Room 301 Library Comp Lab Room 315
Tuesday FLEX XAT-10-07 (Ms. Kim) XAT-10-08   (Ms. Kim) XAT-10-04 (Ms. Wilson)
Wednesday FLEX XAT-10-01  (Mr. Blake) XAT-10-02.   (Mr. R) XAT-10-03 (Mr. R) XAT-10-05 (Ms. Wilson)
Thursday FLEX XAT-10-09 (Mr. Modder) XAT-10-10 (Mr. Modder) XAT-10-06 Ms. Wilson)

In-Person Classes

Tutorial 1: Sept 20-22

Tutorial 2: Oct 4-6

Tutorial 3: Oct 18-20

Tutorial 4: Nov 1-3

Tutorial 5: Nov 15-17

Tutorial 6: Nov 29-Dec1

Tutorial 7: Jan 10-12



Assignment 1: Digital Learning Survey (due Fri Sept 30)

Assignment 2: Citing Digital Resources (due Fri Oct 14)

Assignment 3: Digital Citizenship & Footprint (due Fri Oct 28)

Assignment 4: Scavenger Hunt (due Fri Nov 11)

Assignment 5: Sway Multimedia (due Fri Nov 25)

Assignment 6: Core Competency Scrapbook (due Fri Dec 9)

Assignment 7: Edublog Portfolio Presentation (due week of Jan 9)

Tutorial Participation (7 tutorials total)


Course Pacing and Completion Policies

1. Students are expected to complete all self-paced, online course requirements by the listed due date(s).

2. Students are expected to complete 5% of course material within the 1st week of the course.

3. A final mark will be assigned to all students who complete at least 50% of the course requirements.

4. Students must have an active Edublog to successfully pass the course.

5. Since this is a grade 10 course, students will receive a percentage on their report card. This is a required course for graduation.