Digital Literacy Assignments

1.  About Me Page Instructions 

About Me Due September 30th, 2019

2. Digital Literacy 10 – Digital Awareness Assignment

Digital Awareness Assignment Due October 7th, 2019
This assignment must be on your Digital Literacy 10 page.


3a. Digital Literacy 10 – Take Your Child To Work Day Assignment

3b. Digital Literacy 10 – Take Your Child To Work Day – Alternate Assignment

3b Is an alternate assignment for those students who did not get a placement for Take Your Child To Work Day. Your TYCTWD Assignment needs to be uploaded as a post, tagged and categorized. See instructions on the page. If you need assistance see Mr. Castonguay, Mr. Aitken.

Take Your Child To Work Day Assignments Due November 15th, 2019

Rubric: Digital Literacy 10 – Take Your Child To Work Day Rubric

4. Digital Literacy Interview Project – (3 sections) 25% of your mark.

Extracurricular due: November 20th

Sway due: November 25th,

Your Sway must be embedded on the “Capstone” Page on your blog.

Interviews will be on the date and time scheduled by your DL Teacher.

5. Digital Literacy 10 – Core Competencies Reflection – 2019

PowerPoint Presentation detailing what you need to do to complete your Grade 9 Core Competency Reflection.

6. Digital Literacy 10 – Rubric for Posting Assignments and Reflections

This is the rubric for posting your assignments in English, Science and other core subjects and the reflection associated with the assignment.

7. Continuity of Learning Plan Assignments

The following two assignments have been added as documents and are for completion during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please follow the directions of your Digital Literacy Teacher (for details about the assignment tag etc.) who will send these to you via email.

May Assignment

June Assignment