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About Me Assignment

Hi my name is Donna, i am 14 years old. One of my favourite things to do on my free time is to hangout with all of my friends, go swimming, play soccer, or watch a movie, or go kick boxing. A really big goal that i have in life is to graduate from high school and go to medical school to become a general surgeon. i have a mom a dad, and a little 4 years old sister. I spend a lot of time with my family. We usually like to go out to my favourite restaurant called Milestones, and my favourite food to get there is a chili sweet chicken bowl or steak! One thing i wish i could do when i’m older or even right now is to go to my dream place or favourite place on earth, which is New York City. Some hobbies of mine are to go for a run, draw, or go skiing which is one of my most favourite hobbies, and as well travelling. Some places i’ve travelled to in my life are Iran,Tehran, UAE, Dubai, Seattle, Washington, Munich, Germany, and as well Frankfurt, Germany.

My Favourite Video:

I chose this as my favourite video on youtube because, i really love this persons story and how where he is now and where he was along time ago and i find this video supper interesting and inspiring for me as well. i find it very inspiring because, he talks abut how he wants to make a footprint in this world before he leaves and he sings a song to talking about it and his voice is amazing and he isn’t very famous yet, and still this song that he wrote is one of my most favourite songs.

Favourite Quote:

“No matter how dark it gets, the sun’s gonna rise again”

” Whats broken can be mended, whats hurt can be healed”

these 2 quotes are from my absolute most favourite thing on earth (TV show) which is Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy, even thought it just a TV show it has taught me so many things. and i picked these 2 quotes out of 16 seasons not just because they are my favourite but also because, i find them very true and for the “No matter how dark it gets the sun’s gonna rise again” one i think is very true because, no matter what happens to you, even if it’s the most hurtful thing there will be a new start eventually, a new day, a new year, and the sun will rise again, no matter how dark it gets. For the second quote i chose it because, i also think its true and whats broken or gone cant come back or can’t be fixed completley. “What’s hurt can be healed” i think is true because whatever is hurt or who ever it will heal eventually and as time goes on it will hurt less and less, and by the end of it it will only hurt a little.

Favourite Website: Youtube

My favourite website is youtube because it has lot’s of videos i can watch, and all my favourite youtuber’s, and it is a great source to see poeple’s videos and upload videos from around the world.

Favourite Photo:

This photo is a photo of my home country Iran, Tehran. This photo was taken on my birthday 1 year ago, and it was my first time ever going to this bridge, that i’ve always wanted to see ever since i was little. this bridge only is open at night and lights up all different sorts of colors. inside the bridge it has over 15 restaurants and a bunch of cool and fun things to do on it, as well you can walk over top of it and see all of Tehran.