Exploring the water cycle


Reflection: Creative

During this project I had to be creative to create this comic and do it in the way of a kids comic. And kids need that visual aspect to keep them engaged, so I made sure to use colour and easy words. You also had to made up your own water drop character and give it a name which was kinda fun. But this project actually helped me too because I knew what the water cycle was, but this helped me visualize it and break it down to more straight forward.

English Found Poem

page: 24- The water was in full view now, an icy wind placking at it and turning my face to stone.

page: 103- “Why did you call”?

page: 102- We were on opposite ends of the house and of the life span.

page: 104- “How do you feel”?

page: 45- How like the afterlife it all was .

page: 48-49- “Ah yes… like Wheaties for the brain”.

page: 55- Peace is a very hard to find.

page: 107- “But you’re getting better, grandma”!

page: 55- Thinking about other times in my life.

page: 108- I glanced over at my grandmother and found her staring at a white barked tree.

page: 107- “you’ve got lot’s of life left”!

page: 114- What I saw you should never dream.

Reflection: Creative Thinking

While building this found poem I had to use my creative thinking. In the ways of trying to find a cohesive flow to it. I had to make sure it sounded put together, but with a creative touch. I feel I really digged deep and made it creative and made my own story because the story was about a boy who went on a trip around the US. And the poem I came up with its own story. English was a very creative unit always asking to step outside the book and come up with something original, and I feel I did that with this found poem.

Tagxedo Assignment

“The Friday Everything Changed”:

In miss Ralston’s class the boys have always carried the water bucket. Until one day. The girls decide it’s time t change that. It takes place in a small school house during World War 11.

Key Characters:
– Miss Ralston
– Alma Niles

Setting Details:
– During World Was 11
– Small school house

Important Phases:
-“Why can’t girls go for water, too”?
-“Whoever heard of girls gong for water”?

Reflection (Communication):
During this short story I was asked to answer a series of questions. While answering those questions I went back to the lesion witch helped me with understanding the each question.
My table group and I were all sharing our points of view. We discussed the story and found that we all took different key points out of it. Even though I didn’t agree with everyone’s I still understand that everyone has an opinion that needs to be validated.

Current Lab

Reflection: Critical Thinking

Throughout this lab I utilized my critical thinking in a number of ways. To build my circuit I had to use my critical thinking to solve problems that arose. At times it involved testing and retesting my circuit to ensure that the lightbulbs were working and the circuit was connected. After completing our lab I used my critical thinking to analyse the data and test my hypothesis. Our original hypothesis that current will decrease in a series circuit and remain the same in a parallel circuit was proved correct. In future I want to improve my critical thinking by first assessing the materials available to me so that I can save time when constructing my circuit and conducting my experiment.

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