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Hello! my name is Jeffrey, you could also call me Jeff. I am a new student at Heritage Woods Secondary and partly nervous. I’m nervous because this school is very big compared to my old ones and i wouldn’t want to forget where my classes are and be late to them. I love playing sports such as hockey, soccer, ping pong, baseball and much more. I like playing videos games too, i just find it very entertaining. My favourite movie is Mars because i am fascinated with space and planets. I am getting a new MacBook Pro soon and i am very excited because it will be easier for me to do school work and check my favourite websites. Speaking of my favourite websites, my favourite website is http://Apple.ca. This is my favourite website because i am kind of an Apple fan boy and i love checking the website to see what is new.

My favourite video is below

This is my favourite video because I’ve known it since i was young and i always thought it was funny. At one point i thought it was real but then reality hit me. Even though soccer is not my favourite sport i still love this video.

My favourite picture is below

this is my favourite picture because my favourite sport is hockey and I’ve always watched the nhl whenever i could.

My favourite quote is ‘do it for the biscuit’

this is my favourite quote because I always ‘do it for the biscuit’. there is always a reason for my actions so that’s why I like the quote ‘do it for the biscuit’

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. You have a good start on constructing your page and have integrated media and text effectively. A mark was deducted because you didn’t include a quote, and an explanation of why you chose it. Additionally you need to add more explanation about your various choices and separate the text about your quote from your intro paragraph. Fix these changes and email me the URL in order to receive a higher grade on this assignment. 2.5/5

  2. You have improved on your assignment Jeffrey but there is still more that you can do. You should look to include headings and add more information about why you chose your these various ‘favorites’. 3/5

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