KWAP stands for ‘Kodiak with a Purpose.’ Our club is open to any student who is interested in giving back to those in need in our community.

KWAP is a student-run and student-led group of young philanthropists that aspire to do one thing – help our local community.

Every month, we head to Oppenheimer Park to help society’s marginalized people. We hand out toiletries, clothes, socks, food, beverages, and entertainment. Most importantly, we open up and listen to people’s stories. We listen, we learn, and we grow as human beings.


If you want to be part of something bigger than yourself, learn a couple of life lessons, or just want to give back, KWAP is recruiting for new members. Sign up using the link below and make sure to attend our weekly meetings held in Room 109, every Wednesday at 12:15pm.

  • Instagram: @joinkwap
  • Twitter: @joinKWAP

Any further questions or inquiries can be sent to: or