Industrial Revolution Project

The website:

Core Competency: Creative thinking

For this project, I had to use creative thinking because I had to invent something new that someone would actually want to buy. There was a lot of thought that needed to go into this since there are a bunch of things that have already been invented in this world so it is very hard to come up with an original idea of an invention that is useful that people would want to buy. When I was searching online for ideas, I realized that everything has already been invented even the things that I didn’t know or think could existed has already been invented. So after realizing that I decided to invent something that isn’t possible to be invented now but maybe it will be invented in the future. That’s why I came up with the hovitator, it is like an actual hoverboard that can hover except it is small and compactable and can have multiple ones attached to it, like a jigsaw puzzle. I then used that idea and since I cant make an actual working prototype for it I decided to make a website.

Ways I want to improve are…

The ways I want to improve are coming up with an idea sooner and not hesitate to use that idea.




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