Office 365 User Guides

Guide to Using Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway is a presentation tool in Microsoft’s Office 365 suite apps. Sway is a presentation tool but, unlike PowerPoint, Sway aims to present to a digital audience. The presentation in Sway takes place via cards that create a storyline, and these cards can be edited or the sequence changed. You are able to insert all types of media into your cards as well as information from other Office 365 programs.


Microsoft Shortcuts

Use the following shortcuts to save time when working in Word, Excel and other Microsoft programs. If you are using a Mac use Command instead of Ctrl when inputting commands.

Pages Shortcuts

Use the following shortcuts when using Pages on your IMac or Macbook. Remember though that SD43 computers are not able to view pages files, nor do they work with your blog, so you will need to export your file as a MS Word document before sending it to a teacher or posting to your blog.