final project

For this science project, I was in a group of 3 to complete this project. We all decided that we had to split the duties of this project. I communicated that I wanted to work on the video. We each voiced what we wanted in the script and we all took notes. One group member took charge and put the words together for the script.

I believe that this project turned out alright. We should have put more time into this project since we didn’t know the due date was so close. Our visuals could have also been better if we spent more time making them more detailed. I was in charge of the flipping of the pages of the video. We could have just cut the scenes when we switched pages instead of flipping it. I thought our facts and descriptions were pretty good since we collaborated as a team when working on the script. I wish that we budgeted our time better and spent more time on the video.

Way to want to improve:
We should make sure we know the due next time and spend our time more wisely. We should work on a timeline with goals as a group so that the project is not rushed and so that we can do a good job.

Inventions Infographic

This project i thought I did alright on, but i had some improvements i could have done on it.There should have been more photos on the presentation and more facts.I probably should have also organized it a bit better because i found it a little messy. Also the screenshot of my quote took way too much space than it needed. I also should have used smaller text size.

origin story podcast

my origin story


my story was about water and how it was first made. I thought it was a little carried on but I think the explanation could have been a little bit better. I also started talking about other topics. I do think my story was creative because crying could be an example of raining. I think I could have put a bit more description in to the words I wrote down. I probably should have made the story a bit more interesting because I found, it started to get bland.

english video

My video was about a poem called “The Raven”, we made a short film of a brief summary of the poem. I thought are film was pretty good. We could have spent more time editing since there were some loop holes. We also should have made sure the filming was still. We would film holding our phone in the air which made it really unstable. The filming was a major part of the video.

Current Lab


Sway project reflection 


My groups project was finished on time and done well. We worked well together and did our parts. But it seemed like we were missing a couple of things from our sway. I will say I could have improved my part a bit more and make it perfect. As a group we could have improved on communicating. 



Most of the steps that were performed were repeated and added 1 light bulb. For parallel circuits we noticed that the current increased a lot when we added more light bulbs. For series circuits we saw that the current decreased as we added more light bulbs. 


I think my group did well at the end its just we didn’t do that great on communicating and we could have done better. We would only talk about the project after school. 

social studies project 2

                                                      Ss9 summative assignment 

Big idea 1 


In 10 years went from King Louis to dictatorship. All the classes in the revolution emerged together. After everything everybody all had equality and freedom. Also helped changed the people in slavery. After the revolution women also got their rights so now everybody is equal. For the American revolution everything ended quickly right after like slavery and women’s rights. They also ended colonies from importing and exporting goods to England. But the people that dumped all the tea out still had to pay for it. One of the big problems with the industrial revolution was very young kids work long hours. They made a law so the kids could only have a maximum amount of time working a week. A lot of the kids came home sick or didn’t even come home since how dangerous it was. Now the minimum age you must be to work is 15 possibly a bit younger but that’s only if you have consent by the parents. 


Big idea 2 



Geography helped a lot during the time with building and sorting things out for the community. It helped a lot socially since buildings were made later but there were houses in the making. Also gave some job opportunities. Political parts made everybody split up from different countries. People that immigrated would work very hard at their jobs and want to stay at the place they immigrated to. Socially it helped a lot since more people came over and now there are more jobs and more people working. The Canadian settlement changed Canada a lot since it was split up. Instead of it being one big country there were 4 different parts like northern Canada and western Canada. Now it is all one big country.  





This essay showed how I understand that work then was way different than work today. Back then you would work until you are basically dead and you don’t get paid that well. Working today is way different, kids could only work a certain amount of time per week, and you get paid a minimum wage. Back then some people would die at their jobs since work was hard labour at the time. Nobody really cared if someone died, mainly kids were dying since how their bodies weren’t fully developed and couldn’t handle the work. Now the minimum age to work is 15 unless you have your parents’ consent to work younger. Even though this made the country move faster there were a bunch of deaths in the making. I guess some families needed their kids to work to support their family because you didn’t make that much money back then compared to now. I thought my understanding of this project was pretty good but one improvement I needed was explaining why they worked a lot. 



My Flag Project

This picture shows a Canada Flag and a China Flag.  I drew this to represent that I am half Chinese and half Caucasian.  My grandmother and grandfather on my mother’s side is from China.  They were both born there and had to wait many years for a family member to sponsor them to allow them to come to Canada.  My Chinese grandmother waited at least 10 years for her brother to sponsor her.  She wanted to come to Canada for a better life.  My grandmother and grandfather on my father’s side are from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  They moved to North Vancouver in the late 1960’s.  My father was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba too.  My mother was born in Vancouver, B.C.  I was born in Burnaby, B.C.



I thought this project helped me understand more about my family. I learned that my family is about respecting others. Also I learned that it takes a while for family members to get sponsored to come to Canada. My grandma is a much better place to live compared to her village in China which was very dirty. My grandma’s house was very small and they had no heat. They also had one toilet for many families to share. Back then they did not have tvs and cell phones. Many people traveled by bike and not cars. It was true when she said she had to walk a long distance to school for education. I feel very lucky to live in Canada and not to deal with all the issues my grandma dealt with in China.

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