final project

For this science project, I was in a group of 3 to complete this project. We all decided that we had to split the duties of this project. I communicated that I wanted to work on the video. We each voiced what we wanted in the script and we all took notes. One group member took charge and put the words together for the script.

I believe that this project turned out alright. We should have put more time into this project since we didn’t know the due date was so close. Our visuals could have also been better if we spent more time making them more detailed. I was in charge of the flipping of the pages of the video. We could have just cut the scenes when we switched pages instead of flipping it. I thought our facts and descriptions were pretty good since we collaborated as a team when working on the script. I wish that we budgeted our time better and spent more time on the video.

Way to want to improve:
We should make sure we know the due next time and spend our time more wisely. We should work on a timeline with goals as a group so that the project is not rushed and so that we can do a good job.

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