Dance- Extracurricular

Extracurricular: Competitive dance

I am a competitive high-level dancer. I am in a half-day PTD Company program this year. This means that I start at 130, so I have an altered school schedule so I am able to do this. I still have to do school work though, because I do a class online. I have danced ever since I was 3 and have loved it the whole time. I only really started to find my true passion only about 4 years ago, just when I started to really/fully understand how much different it gets when you get older in dance. It gets to this high level of super intense difficult training. I now dance from 130-9 pm some days, but I love every hour of it. Most of the time at least. I am always getting little injuries but it never stops me unless I am literally broken. My passion for dance will only keep growing as I keep learning and achieving my little goals and seeing my progressions. One of my favorite parts of my dance life other than performing/competing would have to be seeing achievements. Nothing is more self-uplifting then having anyone or even yourself say that you have even just done a little or huge improvement. It also shows me that I am capable and to stop pushing myself down when things get tuff because I can achieve and progress. Along with my training, I learn some life skills. Dance is a great way to learn discipline, dedication, independence at times, motivation and even responsibilities.


Take you kid to work day {alternate assignment}

Take your kid to work day {alternate assignment}

Career: dancer/ or dance teacher

  • mostly about being a professional dancer but a bit about a dance teacher

Part A)
-Why I am passionate about this/what does the work entail:
-What qualifications and/or education will I need to pursue a career:

I am passionate about being a dance teacher/instructor/dancer because I currently am a dancer. I have really found a strong love and passion for dance just in the past 4 years. I have danced for a totally of 10 years but have started to really understand the responsibilities and actually learned that dance is so much more than it seems. I used to just dance and not have to much care or dedication. After the past 3-4 years, I have found my love and desire for dance. I have learned so much and improved a ton in both dance, time management, and I also learn life skills. This special kind of work is a privilege in the dance world. Not any dancer can just be in a professional company. This entails to first audition for that show/part/job. Two make that company. Three learn new extraordinary things that wow and entertain the audience. Four, work well with your fellow dancers, choreographers, artistic directors to execute their choreography and interpret it.

To be a dancer and a dance teacher are two very different things. To be a professional dancer is, in fact, a career and job. It takes many years of pre-training, dedication, time, effort, responsibility, sacrifices, life skills, and time management skills to become a successful dancer. In a professional dance company, there are some criteria on what you need to have completed and gone through in the past years. To be a professional dancer or dance teacher you have had to complete 8 dance exams and got good marks on each. A professional dancer must go to class, perform, practice a ton, try your best in that company, impress, stand out in a good way and keep striving to pursue the best you can. Dance teachers are basically similar to a school teacher as for previous training. School teachers have gone through all the required years of schooled education. Dance teachers have gone through and completed all the necessary years of dance training, performing, and learning. Therefore, they both have steps to becoming certified to teach.

Part B)

*Salary expectations/demands in the future:

The salary for a dancer or dance teacher is both very different. Mostly because they both are using dancer in different ways. Reported in May 2017, a professional dancer earns a salary of about $14.25 per hour. Dancers “shifts” are varying between 8+ hours every day of rehearsals and shows. A dance teacher’s salary in British Columbia is about $25.08. (Updated nov,5,2019) The dance teacher’s salary is 7% less than the national average for a dance teacher. Even though dance teachers have a better salary than dancers, in the future I would choose dancer. I feel as I would get too bored with being a dance teacher and want to actually dance with the rest of my life. To be a professional dance teacher is one of my biggest dreams ever. It would be like getting paid slightly for doing something you love with your whole heart and are so passionate about it. Even if I would become a pro dancer in a company, I would maybe even consider teaching after. I could spread my knowledge of what I learned as a dancer and teach it. I would still be aware of the salary but go for my passion.

Part C)

*People to connect with, websites, links more info

I have connected with one of my dance teachers at my studio. They have been teaching for over 20 years and have had so much experience in the dance teacher world. I explained already all that I knew already and that I learned from my teachers and mentors.

-What dancers work entails/other things:

-Steps to become a teacher:

– Salary:,-British-Columbia

*Video related any interesting facts about job

This video is called what it takes to be a ballet dancer. This shows well about how difficult and challenging it really is. They explain how a girl wanted to be a beautiful ballet dancer and make it look “effortless”. Ballerina’s job is to make it look easy and pretty. This video talks about being a professional dancer and how passion is everything to get there. It shows and explains the hard work pain and effort.