Fort Project, reflection/response

Fort project response/reflection

I did this project individually at the end, we started off with building the fort as a group, but after quarantine we just did the responses individually. This is the self response:

Part 2: Some potential dangers or problems to building a fort in the Canadian wilderness could be others. By others I mean possible other people from there own land trying to invade or take over your fort property. Another danger/problem could be natural disasters in wilderness. Things like fires, earthquakes, tsunamis if close to ocean, and animals wrecking the forts. The area that we chose for our fort was based on being practical. We needed to build it close to a water source and in a large open space. We tried to build it as compact as possible in the space. When we were creating our fort some of the hardest parts were building the perimeter and finding a good enough water source. We decided what features and buildings to build the places we did was based on again being practical. For example, we put the servants quarters and the big house far apart because they are different classes. I think the buildings that would be the most important would be the hospital because of health and recovery, watch tower to look out for possible attacks or issues, and the kitchen because food is important to survive especially if you are working full days fighting or building, you need energy. The least important building is the well, because its just a second water source and we can get the water from the bigger water source outside. We will insure that our fort is self-sustainable because we will supply it with everything it needs and backups. For example, we will put in extra everything and make everything the best it can be. If it runs out of something we will make sure that the thing is accessible outside the fort to get. To be self-sustainable you need all of the important materials and basic living things.

Part 3: I think that people left Europe to come to Canada because it was much better than Europe. Canada had resources and things that Europe didn’t have. One of the things was fur, furs used to very popular. Europe didn’t have the animals for furs but Canada did. If I was living in 1685 I would probably leave to a new country. I think it would be really cool to go to a new country and live in a whole to place back then. It would be a fun experience. Benefits to staying in Europe would be that its hard to move your whole life and all your stuff to a new place, especially back then when you didn’t have airplanes or moving vehicles so you would have to do it all by carrying and boats. The benefits to leaving for a new country would be living on a whole new land with less population, so it would be more calm. Another benefit would be that there would be a whole bunch of new supplies and goods in the new country. Something I learned during this project is actually what a fort is. Before this I didn’t know forts were a thing and how hard it must have been to build them back then to fit perfectly to living. The skills I needed and improved on to work on this project was group project skills, because this was a group project, separating the work of the fort building. The “luxuries” I have vs what people in the 1600s didn’t have, things like building tools, machines. These would have been useful in the building process of the fort to make it faster and easier. We now have all these machines for building, cranes, trucks, special cutters and things for building that people in the 1600s did not have. What worked well was the plan of our fort, we had a good plan of where everything went in the fort. The class time before the break was super useful for many reasons. Without that class time with our whole group, it would have been really hard to communicate while all on the same Minecraft world at the same time. I think the only thing that would change if we were to do the project again is maybe the same motivation to build it. Because of the situation we are in right now, we cant communicate and connect the same as before.

My group members Nayeon-A, Isabel-A, me- A because we all were very dedicated to getting it done and making sure everyone had the same amount of work. We didn’t want one person to just get all of the work or have someone not doing something. We never finished our fort because of the

situation, because we had a plan to get together at flex’s and all during class when we got back from the break because it was hard to do it over break. We didn’t have that much left to do when we got back anyways, but we never did get back.