Digital Footprint



For this assignment I focused on the core competency ‘Communication.’

I choose this one mainly because it relates to the topic of this assignment. The competency ‘Communication’ is when students positively share information, experiences, tips and ideas respectfully. Some examples of this includes participation. Asking questions, being an active listener, presenting information clearly, and being able to give feedback.

I think I demonstrate this competency in the way I realize how the wonderful internet, also has cons, and the way I try to make my Infographic easy to digest and understand.

What I hope to learn in English 9

The core competency I utilized for this assignment was Creative Thinking, which I think relates strongly with my usual style of writing.

Some aspects of Creative Thinking includes: I can build and be inspired from other people’s ideas. I generate new ideas as I pursue my interests, I figure out ways to make my ideas work or I know when to change something to make it better, I take in people’s feedback and improve by bouncing ideas off of my peers.

I think this assignment really showcases this competency mainly because I think the biggest thing that pushed me to writing was one of my friends from Elementary school.

She wasn’t positive feedback, she could really pick apart my work and give ideas to make it better, which strengthened not only our friendship but my writing as well.