Tech Leaders

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Eva is one of the senior tech leaders helping you with the Digital Literacy program! She’s an avid movie watcher and book reader who loves Social Studies and politics! You may see her in various clubs around the school like KWAP and WYNS. She also plays soccer, as well as field hockey during the spring. 


This is Maggie, and she is in grade 11 this year. Her hobbies include dancing, reading, and watching reality TV shows. Her favourite food is sushi, and she loves travelling to try new foods. 😊 


This is her second year as a tech leader, and she is excited to be able to continue contributing to DL 10. In terms of hobbies and interests, she loves cats, she enjoys listening to music, playing the piano, and hanging out with her friends! 


Hi everyone! My name is Sydney and the  2023-2024 school year will be my third year as a tech leader. Outside of school, I enjoy volunteering in the community, working out at the gym, and kickboxing. I wish you all luck with Digital Literacy this year, and I am excited to be able to support you guys while you take this course!