Website and Program Guides

Throughout Digital Literacy 10 and in your other classes in Heritage Woods you will be asked to utilize a variety of programs and web tools to complete your assignments. Below you can find some guides to help you with a few of the more common websites and applications you may come across.

Using Piktochart

Infographics are a way of efficiently conveying information through a combination of text, and pictures. Piktochart is a great online graphic tool to create infographics that allow your audience to take in information quickly and easily.

Making Podcasts With Anchor FM

Podcasting is a great way of communicating your information with others though the use of digital broadcasts. Podcasts can be made quite easily using which is both an online and mobile application. You will need both the online and mobile application to create podcasts using the method below.

Using Sketchpad

Sketchpad is an online painting application that can be used to create doodles, brainstorming or even for some of your assignments.

Making Maps With Google My Maps

Google My Maps ( is a site that allows you to create personalized maps with information relevant to your area of study or simply for personal use. There is an Android App available too that will work in conjunction with this site. If you are using IOS you will only be able to view your maps.