Industrial Revolution Project



Reflection: In the making of this project I used Creative Thinking. While creating our invention we tried to be as eco-friendly as possible, for example we had bio degradable tooth paste pods. We retailed it for an affordable price: $50, which i think is fair because regular electronic toothbrushes go for 80-over 100$. We had to come together and make the most eco-friendly electronic toothbrush to better our environment. We asked around to our friends and classmates on how to better the Insta Brush and got a lot of helpful feedback. I came up with the design of the Insta Brush although it looks much like most electronic toothbrushes the features were much original. Overall, while inventing the Insta Brush the closest Core Competency would be Creatively Thinking.

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  1. 3.5– You have made a good start in posting your assignment. You have added a reflection which is based around the core competencies but could add more information/explanation describing the process by which this assignment has led you to a new understanding of your skills and abilities. .5

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