About Me


I am William Mostrenko, a Grade 9 student. I enjoy many things that involve computers. Some passions of mine are 3D modeling, 3D rendering, video editing, game development and some photo editing with Adobe Photoshop. Besides the hobbies I just mentioned, in my spare time, I enjoy playing video games and the occasional Dungeons & Dragons campaign. I also have the ability to play multiple musical instruments such as the piano and the violin. Speaking of music, the music that I enjoy listening to is unlike most music people like. This particular genre would be the dramatic instrumental genre. My current favorite artist is Ramin Djawadi. He does amazing soundtracks to popular TV shows and movies such as Westworld, Game of Thrones and Pacific Rim.


<“I Think It Is Possible For Ordinary People To Choose To Be Extraordinary”>

– Elon Musk

This statement is so true and inspiring because it shows that no matter who you are, you can make an impact on the world. The fact that this quote is from Elon Musk, makes it that much better because he was able to make a large impact on the world, without a large inheritance from his parents. He did it also himself. With motivation, Elon was able to become a billionaire making an impact on transportation by running Tesla and SpaceX. Anyone is able to follow their dreams as long as they put their mind to it with motivation.


<Tenth Anniversary iPhone Revival>

As you can tell from my blog so far, I am a bit of an Apple nerd. That is why when the tenth anniversary iPhone was announced, I was freaking out. Everything about this phone I loved. From the all-glass front and back, to the next level biometric security, to the true tone 5.8′ display, to the stainless steel rim. There was nothing I didn’t love. I still will never forget the day you could pre-order them, October 27, 2017. Along with when mine arrived on November 15th. I was the happiest person alive. To this day, the iPhone X is still my favourite phone because it was celebrating ten years of iPhone.


<Boy & Dog, An Unbreakable Bond>

My family has made many grate decisions, but my favorite one is the decision of getting a dog. Ever since we got Csoda, there has been an unbreakable bond between my family and our dog. That is why I took this photo and named it “Boy & Dog, And Unbreakable Bond”. The photo shows a paw print next to a handprint. The symbolism in this photo is that no matter what gets in between us, it can never break us apart because a boy and his dog have a bond that is stronger than any other bond. Even though we may be different species each other, that is no reason to discriminate, for we will be companions till the end time.




I know I have already mentioned Apple in this blog before but I am going to mention them again because the Apple Website is one of my favorite websites, due to me always enjoying browsing the website by looking at all the new features. My second favorite website is the Razer Website. I personally have and love my Razer Bale 15 because it is a powerful and lightweight laptop. When I go on their website, I always like looking at the newest models and watching out for new promotions. My third, and final favorite website is the Tesla Website. The Tesla website is a fun place to look at my dream car and read/discover new Tesla features such as the new auto-drive feature. One day, I think that auto-drive will be on every car on the road.