#2 Scavenger Hunt


Objective: You will be asked to complete each of the following scavenger hunt questions or digital tasks. Using PowerPoint make a slide for each SECTION LETTER TASK. 

Formatting: Each slide should contain 5 components –Slide Formatting:

Header -with the given section letter and task title

full sentence responses for each question …can be done in point form

An inserted picture related to your response

A link to a resource that cites your information for your answer (where applicable)

A decorative border around each slide



Section A: Guess Who?  (3 marks)

Name the three digital literacy teachers that are teaching this course this year. Using whatever soft ware you like, create 3 appropriate creative and colourful little emojis for each of one of the three teachers. Put their name under each emoji. Suggested software: Paint, Gimp, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Google Sketchup, or any 100s of other applications. Be sure to tell us in your presentation what software you used.

Section B: Solve the Riddle (3 marks)

“Oh what Am I? 

And where can I be found?

Here’s a little Office hint and 365 countdown,

I am part of your district student accounts

And have many apps and tools abound!!!”

  • Take a screenshot of your riddle solution

Section C: Food Recipe Theatre (3marks)

French Fries! French Fries! French Fries! ……. I love me some French Fries! 

Research a variety of different sources and sites and find the most interesting French fry recipe done with a twist. Once you have found it insert your video clip of the recipe. Be sure to include the recipe name, cooking show or site and the cook/chef. Site your source.

Section D:  Hit the Post!  (3marks)

There are many bloggers around the world that use their blog as a platform to share information to inspire others. Your task here is to find ian inspirational blog post comment or message that was written with the appropriate intend to inspire others. Name the blogger, or Blog site and screen shot a copy of the post. Clearly explain why you chose it and what it means to you. Site your source.

Section E:  Hash -Tag -Your It (3 marks)

Start an on-line search for the top 10 most popular hashtags trending this week. Please choose appropriate content. Provide a link to each one of the hashtags you have selected. Site your source.Section F:  Its Photo Time!  (3 marks)

Take a photo of:

    1. Something wonderful and beautiful in nature
    2. Something symbolic of the Kodiaks 
    3. Something abstract 
    4. Change the photo by changing the filters. Present each photo with 3 different filters and present them.
    5. Optional: you can use Office Lens to put these photos directly into your Office365 account

Section G: What’s the Word (3 marks)

Research and find variety of different wordles related to the topic of digital literacy. Pick one that has at least 15-20 words. Screenshot the picture and paste the wordle image. Site your source.

Section H:  It’s app time!  (3marks)

Name and List five commonly downloaded apps that most people have on their phone. Provided a little picture image of each one that you have selected. Site your source.

Section I: Coding is Cool!  (4 marks)

    1. Research and find a kid-friendly video or cartoon that explains the phrase “what is coding?” Insert a link to the video. Make sure the video link is embedded correctly and can be accessed. 
    2. Do some research and list off 5 common programming languages.
    3. Also upload another link to a free online video coding game for beginners.
    4. Site your source.

Section J: The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Citizenship (3 marks)

There are many informative safety videos out there that explain the importance as well as the dangers of digital citizenship. Take some time and do some thorough research from a variety of sources. Then make a small colorful creative Digital Citizen Poster. The Poster must include:

    1. A Creative Title
    2. 5 digital citizenship safety tips (creative/colorful font)
    3. A colorful border

You can choose to you some drawing digital apps, computer clip art designs, or even draw it on a piece of paper -then take a picture and upload it ….. your choice.

    1. Site your source.

Section K: Digital Research For each of the following, be sure to explain how you found each answer (3 marks)

    1. What is the name of the song and the band that sings the song in sound file1. Insert a picture of the band with your answer.  (Files can be found under “Files” in Assignment 2).
    2. Who said the following: “Carpe diem! Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” Insert a picture and the person’s name. 
    3. What is the creature called in image1? Insert the image and the name of the creature.


Instructions for Submitting this Assignment

  1. Please ensure that ALL SECTIONS and details are checked, edited and thoroughly completed
  2. Title: Digital Literacy 10 Scavenger Hunt
  3. Due Date: September 30th and is worth 15 marks
  4. Attach your file to Assignment 2 to submit!
  5. Place another copy of this assignment in your Blog/ PORTFOLIO (this will be done at a later time in the quarter)