#3 Scrapbook Project

House Keeping 

Objective: For this project you will be given the opportunity to create a Digital Literacy Online Scrapbook. 

#1:  Choose an online scrapbook tool that you are comfortable using and that can be easily uploaded such as PowerPoint, Sway or Canava. 

#2:  Select 3 digital examples or artifacts of schoolwork you have created. These should be from any course you are currently taking and or digital projects from last year. Examples of this could vary from a music video you made in Music class, to Sway Science project you are currently working on in Biology or even a Minecraft project you did for Socials. There are so many possibilities.

#3:  Along with EACH digital example you provide, it will be expected that you write a competency reflection paragraph of at least 7-10 sentences, that explores your range of digital Literacy skills and reflects on your learning and understanding of the various digital tools and applications that have been presented. Please NOTE that you must chose a different competency for each of your three reflections. Please click on the link provided to explore the various competencies to chose from. (http://kodiaks.sd43.bc.ca/core-competency-reflection-sheets/) You can also use one of the Digital Learning Big Ideas and 1 or 2 of the Digital Learning competencies at the bottom of this assignment. Some of the questions you may want to ask when working on your assignment are; Does your Information have little or nothing to do with the core competency? How could you improve this? Are your evidence and examples relevant AND well explained? How could you better organize your reflection? Do you have at least 3 well-constructed paragraphs? Does each paragraph have at least 8 sentences and include a topic sentence, at least 3 points, support for those points and a conclusion?  You must use the language of the core competency to describe the skills you learned and how you could use the core competency in the future.



Digital Learning 10 Big Ideas

Personal design choices require self-exploration and refinement of skills 

Social, ethical, and sustainability considerations impact design choices. 

Tools and technology have an impact on people’s lives. 

Digital Learning 10 Core Competencies


• Take creative risks in generating ideas and add to others’ ideas in ways that enhance them 

• Screen ideas against criteria and constraints 

• Critically analyze and prioritize competing factors to meet community needs for preferred futures 


• Understand the process of creation with respect to digital media 

• Identify and use a variety of sources of inspiration and information 

• Choose an appropriate form, scale, and level of detail for prototyping, and plan procedures for prototyping multiple ideas 


• Identify and use appropriate tools, technologies, materials, and processes for production 

• Make a step-by-step plan for production and carry it out, making changes as needed 



• Develop communication skills using a variety of digital tools as they relate to online learning, sharing, and collaboration 

• Share progress while creating design to enable ongoing feedback 

• Critically evaluate the success of the design, and explain how ideas contribute to the individual, family, community, and/or environment 

• Critically reflect on their design thinking and processes, and identify new design goals 


  • TITLE – Nice, creative and colorful header at the top of your online scrapbook that says Digital Literacy Scrapbook Project
  • Title: Artifact One 
  • Header: Provide the Title of the first digital example or artifact of schoolwork you are submitting
  • Screenshot: provide a decorative screen-shot sample picture of your first digital example 
  • Insert a link to access your first digital example of your coursework artifact
  • Title of the Core Competency Chosen 
  • Core Competency Reflection of 7-10 sentencess


Digital Literacy Scrapbook Project

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Instructions for Handing in Your Assignment

  • Please ensure that ALL SECTIONS and details are checked, edited and thoroughly completed
  • Title: Digital Literacy Scrapbook Project
  • Due Date: Thursday September 4th2020
  • Please send an email to Me with direct link to your assignment 
  • Place another copy of this assignment in your Blog/ PORTFOLIO
  • Stay tuned for your mark out of 30