#4 Sway Multimedia Project

House Keeping

Focus: Digital Tool Application  

Digital Tool: Microsoft Sway -Office 365

    • Please go to your office 365 apps and locate the SWAY app
    • Our district is an Office 365 district so the project is written with that in mind.

Objective: For this project, you will research and explore a cool and innovative digital App or Tool that would be great to use in some way of form in Education today. You will have seven slides to use in Microsoft Sway to explain and present your Digital Tool or App selection. 

Important: You should take the time to test out a variety of the tools before so that you can accurately report on it.




  • Research a variety of different digital tools or apps that are new, current and applicable in some way to education today.
  • Each slide needs to have:
    1. A picture
    2. A title
    3. Different colour font
    4. Background design



Slide 1: Title – Sway Multimedia Project

Slide 2: Name of Digital App or Tool Selected

Slide 3: 5-8 sentence description about the tool app you have selected

  • What is it, how did it get it name, who invented it, what year was it invented, why was it invented.

Slide 4: What are the benefits to using this app or tool in education? Explain in point form (at least 4 points)

Slide 5: What are the disadvantages to using this app or tool in education? Explain in point form (at least 4 points)

Slide 6: Video Clip example that shows how it works.

Slide 7: Sources cited, at least 4 different sources. You can just paste the links

Instructions for Handing In This Assignment:

    1. Please ensure that ALL SECTIONS and details are checked, edited and thoroughly completed
    2. Title: Sway Multimedia Project
    3. Due Date: Thursday September 4th2020
    4. Please send an email to Me with a direct link to your assignment 
    5. Stay tuned for your mark out of 20