Edublogs Help and Support


Using Edublogs can take some getting used to. Once you have mastered all of the tricks of the trade, however, you will find your blogging experience much easier and more enjoyable. The following documents will assist you in both setting up your page and embedding content to create your portfolio. You can also find this information on the school website on Digital Literacy 10 page which can be found under Programs and Services.

Edublogs – Login, Appearance and Themes and Plugins

Once you have set up your blog you will want to change the theme and appearance to personalize it. This document will assist you with doing this.

Digital Literacy 10 – Blog Set Up – Login, Appearance and Themes and Plugins

Edublogs – Pages and Posts

In order to upload the content to your portfolio you will want to post the content to the various pages of your blogs – pages are for Digital Literacy Assignments (About Me, Digital Footprint, Infographic) – posts are utilized to demonstrate your class work assignments (categorized and tagged according to your class and assignment). You can also use posts to highlight your involvement in clubs, teams and school activities.

Edublogs – Menu’s and Pages

Organizing your content is extremely important. You want to ensure that your content is visible to people who view your site and presented in a way that is well organized. Using menu’s is the way to do this.

Digital Literacy 10 – Menu’s and Adding/Linking Pages

Edublogs – Adding Content (Office Documents, Online Applications and Video’s) to your blog

Much of the content that you will be putting onto your blog will be created in the Office 365 suite which all of the students in SD43 have access to. There is an issue with embedding that content onto WordPress based blogs – be sure to check out the document below before uploading the content to your various pages.

Digital Literacy 10 –  Adding Content to Your Blog

The Core Competencies and Reflections

Reflecting on your learning and on your growth as a learner is one of the best ways to further develop yourself and your skills. As part of the new curriculum in British Columbia, the Core Comptencies provide a starting point for you to reflect on your development. With each assignment that you add to your blog, for your core classes or exploration classes, you need to ensure that you post a reflection. The individual reflection sheets can be found here. The document below details the process of adding a reflection to your blog.

Digital Literacy 10 – Core Competency Reflections and Comments