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I believe I have expressed my knowledge of the Industrial Revolution in creative and critical ways. For creative thinking, I have incorporated creativity by using clipart provided by Piktochart. The original design of my infographic was also altered creatively into something suitable for the information I have included. As for critical thinking, I have thought critically when finding the information for the charts I have added on the factory system and child labour. My graphs include information about the age distribution in cotton factories and the places with the most factories (Manchester and Stockport). As for areas I could improve on, I feel that I should have included an explanation of the graphs and the map of England I added to my infographic. I also could have shortened my points as well. I also could have gone more in depth about the things I have written in my infographic in short but clear sentences.


When researching for this project and constructing my infographic, I have communicated with my friends and parents for ideas and more information about some of the topics. During dinner time, I have asked my parents if they knew some things about the Industrial Revolution to see if can get some new ideas and information. I have also asked some friends who are older than me to see if they had learned something that I haven’t learned about (yet). In the future, I can improve on communication by not just talking to my friends and parents, but also contacting people like historians and so on.

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  1. Good work on your infographic Enda. You need to ensure that you add a reflection based around the core competencies to ensure that you receive full marks on this assignment. Add this and let me know so that I can reassess your work. 2.5

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