The Industrial Revolution Infographic

Infographic:   Reflection: Thinking: I believe I have expressed my knowledge of the Industrial Revolution in creative and critical ways. For creative thinking, I have incorporated creativity by using clipart provided by Piktochart. The original design of my infographic was also altered creatively into something suitable for the information I have included. As for critical […]

Take Your Kid to Work Day 2018

Take Your Kid to Work Day Interview Name: Rose Zhu Relationship to me: Mother Job Title – Self employed florist Job Description – She cuts and arranges flowers into arrangements or bouquets. Not only does she cut and arrange flowers, she also makes all kinds of flower arrangements as well as corsages and boutonnieres for […]

French Revolution Broadcast

French Revolution Broadcast Reflection: Thinking: I have used creative thinking and critical thinking to come up with names and ideas for this news broadcast. Using some critical thinking about facts and things often bought before and during the French Revolution, this helped me and my group find a product and a creative name for our […]