Meet the Team

Tech Teachers

Ms. Kim

Ms. Kim has been teaching at HWSS for 3 years. She, along with Mr. Raghoobarsingh and are the founding teachers of our Tech Leadership course. Over the past years, this course has grown from 4 members to 14 members. Ms. Kim is a Math teacher, Science teacher, and of course, a Digital Literacy teacher. Not only that, but she also coaches Junior Girl’s Soccer and the E-Sports team at the school. She loves her cat Jager and loves a warm Starbucks.

Mr. Raghoobarsingh

Mr. Raghoobarsingh, also more commonly known as Mr. R, has been a teacher at HWSS since 2019 and has been part of the Digital Literacy team since his day one. Mr. R is an amazing leadership and PHE teacher, and he also has many skills outside of teaching, such as coaching soccer – both in and out of school – and playing hockey. He is one of the founding teachers of the Tech Leadership course at HWSS, and he incorporates his great passion into teaching the course.


Mr. Blake

Mr. Blake has been teaching Digital Literacy for 3 years. Not only does he teach DL10, but he also has a brilliant mind and is very tech-savvy. Other than DL10, Mr. Blake also teaches Computer Programming and coaches the school’s E-Sports team along with Ms. Kim. Although he has a passion for all things tech, one thing he despises is Macintosh computers. However, he is a very kind and funny teacher with great energy.


Ms. Wilson

Ms. Wilson has been teaching Digital Literacy for 2 years now. She does this along with teaching Science and co-running our school’s Science Co-op program. Ms. Wilson loves her dog Daisy and loves spending time outdoors. She is nothing less of an amazing singer and teacher.


Mr. Modder

Mr. Modder has been teaching at HWSS for a long time, but this is his first year teaching Digital Literacy. Alongside DL10, he also teaches Earth Sciences and Geology, and he loves spending his free time in the outdoors. Don’t let his eyebrow piercing intimidate you, because he is a very humble and kind person that everyone would love to meet.

Tech leaders


Being one of the original 4 members of Tech Leadership, Deborah has learned so much over the past few years. She loves being able to use her knowledge and skills to help and contribute to the Digital Literacy course, and she hopes that she can make the course a fun and positive learning environment. Not only is she a tech leader, but she is also part of many different programs and clubs at school. Deborah loves Science, Math, and English, plays field hockey and snowboards, is a part of various music groups, and has a passion for philanthropy and leadership



Kyla is a long-time member of Tech Leadership, being one of the four founding members of the course. She enjoys skiing, swimming, and taking part in leadership opportunities at school. This course has taught me unmeasurable skills in both digital literacy and leadership, and this class has been one of the most memorable parts of high school.



William is a dedicated, hardworking student with interests in STEM, photography, and having a super fun time!! His unique social skills and diverse knowledge in technology make him a great part of the Digital Literacy team!



Ava is a senior tech leader and grade 11 here at Heritage Woods Secondary. She loves all things sports and getting active, as well as playing Basketball, Soccer, and Lacrosse. Her main hobby is acrylic painting, and she also enjoys technology, which ties into what she does for the Digital Literacy course in dealing with the EduBlogs.


Eva is one of the senior tech leaders helping you with the Digital Literacy program! She’s an avid movie watcher and book reader who loves Social Studies and politics! You may see her in various clubs around the school like KWAP and WYNS. She also plays soccer, as well as field hockey during the spring.



This is Ellie. She is in Grade 12, her favorite class is Biology, she plays volleyball, and she is a senior tech leader this year. She would love to help you with any questions you might have about Digital Literacy.



This is Maggie, and she is in grade 11 this year. Her hobbies include dancing, reading, and watching reality TV shows. Her favourite food is sushi, and she loves travelling to try new foods. 🙂



This is her second year as a tech leader, and she is excited to be able to continue contributing to DL 10. In terms of hobbies and interests, she loves cats, she enjoys listening to music, playing the piano, and hanging out with her friends!



This is Sydney, a senior tech leader. She has been part of our Digital Literacy Tech Leadership team for 2 years. She enjoys mountain biking and skiing.



Ashley’s favourite sport is curling, and it is super fun! She also really likes playing in Junior Concert Band as a clarinet



Dominic is a grade 10 student who enjoys playing soccer and any board game. His favourite class is Math, and “Breaking Bad” is his favourite TV series.



Logan’s favourite class is Social Studies, he owns a 1966 Ford Mustang that he is restoring in his spare time. He also likes fishing, hockey, and spending time out on the water.



This is Mackenzie. She likes to watch Netflix and hang out with her friends during her free time. She also plays basketball, and she likes to swim.



This is Yolanda. She likes figure skating and dancing. Her favourite subject in school is Science.