Info graphic

For my info graphic i chose the inventions the seed drill and the spinning jenny. i picked these inventions because i think they where essential for the industrial revolution. Well writing this assignment I learnt about how the economy grew during the industrial revolution by inventing better ways to do things. The seed drill revolutionized agriculture and brought down the price of food and the spinning jenny caused factories to open which helped the economy. This assignment was great for practicing my researching.

Water Cycle Comic

Learning about the water cycle was really interesting. The cycle would not work even if just one step was missing in the cycle. Another reason the water cycle is interesting is that nothing would be able to survive. I think that this project really helped improve my creative writing. If I could change something about my comic I would colour it neater and spend more time drawing it.

English Origin Story



Writing an origin story really opened my eyes to what things where like before we had science, they used origin stories to explain how things came to be and often contain something to learn from. The core competencies I used best was “creative thinking.” Another thing I learnt from this assignment is how to think on my feet when I’m writing which creates a more complicated plot. One area that I cold improve in is grammar and punctuation.

English Poetry Project

Reflection: Communication is key when doing poetry, if you don’t have good communication your presentation will look unpracticed and rough. Connecting and engaging with your audience is also very important, this means eye contact, strong voice, and not rushing through. One of the things I have improved on from last year is “building relationships” i learnt how to work in a group efficiently even if I’m not friends with my group mates. I tend to struggle with “generating ideas” if I’m not intrigued by the topic.

Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint is the trail of data you create when you use the internet. It can follow you for your hole life and sometimes even effect your future. For example if you are trying to find a job the employer could simply search your name and see all the mistakes you have made online. according to the “Carer Builder” 63% of hiring managers decide not to hire an applicant because of something from there past social networking site. Another negative aspect of our digital footprints is that it stays online for ever so if you say something bad on social media it could be there for life. One way you could keep your digital footprints safe is by not sharing our information online. (postal code, names, location, birthdays.)  Another way to stay safe online is to think through everything before you put it online. You could also create private social network accounts so you can approve who sees your feed. One thing that I’ve learned about digital footprints is that it could follow you for life and effect your future opportunities. In conclusion don’t put anything on the internet that you are uncomfortable about and don’t wont to be around for a long time.

Digital Footprints: How will your posts affect your future?

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Take your kid to work day 2018

The carer I chose to pursue in the future is a stockbroker. I chose this profession because I’m very interested in how the stock market works and learning how to manipulate it to make money. In business technology 9 we have been learning about the stock market and playing a game were you invest virtual money into stocks and see if it pays off. I’ve been really enjoying this game because it gives you a lot off freedom to what you think is right and not just do as your teacher says. I also think I would be a very good stockbroker because I’m good with people and good at selling stuff. I learnt from the research I did on this project that if you want to become a successful stockbroker you have to built a client base and create a successful reputation so people are more willing to let you invest more of there money. Stockbrokers work on commission so that means I will have to become good at talking up a stock to make my clients invest as much money as possible. But to become a stock broker in Canada is not easy first I would have to get at least my bachelors degree, then gain experience as an intern or by studying hard, then I would have to take the an exam and finally register as to become a stockbroker.

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