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Hi my name is Eva and I am here to explain a little about my self  first we are going to show you a little about my favorite video

this video is just about some vloggers doing crazy things and I like the video because it always makes me laugh and I think its a fun video. it also kind of reminds me of when I hang with my friends. where we decide we do the most stupid things ever. but we all do them safley and respectfully so that we dont get kicked out of places. i thought it was funy too because he made his friend cry by eating the worlds hottest chicken wings.


Also one of favourite quote would be “ because of rugby I over came my anxiety and low self esteem” I typically love that quote because before I started rugby I was quite and shy type of person and I always thought I would just stay the same quite and shy person I am but now because of rugby I’m used to the communication and the sticking together and everything that I got louder and more confident in myself. i also have met alot of new friends along the way who i am still friends with till this day. in the beginning i thought i was not gonna like it and nobody would like me but  i was wrong the whole time.




And my all time favourite site is because i love shopping and i like to look at the new type of styles that they come out with and maybe i could give the style a shot and see what it looks like on me. sometimes it doesn’t work out but its ok and i move on and find something new! i also like looking at the different colors of the clothes when i walk in. i also love the feeling of walking out with new clothes Image result for fiji

The image you see above  is personally my favorite image because I love the ocean and hot sunny weather and the thought of an island makes me so happy and also makes me feel good. it also reminds me of home. Next year i am very excited to be going back home to fiji for my 16th birthday. i miss my family and the beautiful weather and water and sand. i also love this image because it makes me feel tropical and relaxed a little bit.


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  1. Eva,3/5 – You have done a satisfactory job constructing your page and have integrated media and text quite well. It would be advisable for you to provide more description in your assignments – be mindful not to provide too much personal information but provide more of an explanation about your quote, video, or favorite website.

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