About Me

I found this video when i was 10 and every time I’m feeling down it makes me laugh. I played this game when i was younger and never got to do this myself yet after watching it was all i could do. Metal Gear Solid is one of my favorite games but this video made it 10 times better. I love trying this when i get to play this game

This photo from the Film The Shining 1980 is my favorite because its my favorite movie of all time and the raw terror from this photo gives me pure nostalgia. It always makes me want to visit this hotel. I wanna experience a place like this before i die or at least die in that hotel. I’m hoping this place does not get torn down.

This is probably one of the most famous quotes out there. It drives me to keep playing hockey and to get better. I have this quote on repeat in my brain every time I’m out there. This quote is partially why i was one of the leading scores on my hockey team


Reddit is one of my fave websites because of the variety of content one there. i visit this site a lot to catch up on whatever i need to catch up on. I love a lot of subreddits on there. Whether its making me laugh or catching me up i always find it on reddit.