George Washington project

Core competency: communication 

I can show you that I used communication by telling you that me and my partner David had communicated because we talked about what we both were going to do and how we were going to do so. When me and David first got the project, we both brainstormed what we should do for our presentation. When we figured we were going to make a sway, we both communicated on what we were going to pick as a topic. After talking for fifth teen minuets we both chose to do George Washington for our project. After we finished the project, we both communicated by telling each other how we did on it. 


Some ways I could improve…  

I could ask or tell David what we could do or that I would like to do this or that. We could both ask what we had done wrong or right. And with the good things we can do that next time and with the bad things we can learn to do some stuff different.  

2 thoughts on “George Washington project

  1. 3 – You have made a good start in posting your assignment. You have added a reflection which is based around the core competencies but could add more information/explanation describing the process by which this assignment has led you to a new understanding of your skills and abilities.

  2. 4 Good work. You have integrated your media into your page and have done a very good job on your reflection. You have made attempts to incorporate the language of the core competencies into your write up and have considered your development and growth as a learner in completing this assignment.

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