Creative Short Story

Creative Short Story Reflection

When i started writing the story i struggled with what to say because i am not the best writer. Once i knew what i was going to write about the story it was easy for me to keep writiing because i know what to write. When i finished there were 3, 8 – 9 sentence paragraphs that were easy to understand and write. Kyler asked me to email it to him to edit it and unfortunately he cut the words down a bit to it was only like 5 sentences, i don’t know why but i didn’t really care because i don’t like reading in front of people. He changed almost the whole the,e of the story that we have aggreed on before and i wasn’t really happy with that. I liked taking the pictures because I’m kind of into photography..

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  1. A good start Jeffrey. You need to ensure that your reflection explains the core competency that you are reflecting on – in this case it seems like it is communication. Do this and let me know when it is completed so that I can reassess your work. 3.5

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