Take Your Kid To Work Day 2018

My first 2 months at heritage woods were not that bad, I was on track and I found every classed fun because I liked what we were doing in the class. my 2 months did meet my expectations but didn’t exceed. I didn’t have a device to work on so I count get that much work done fast enough. My advice for the middle school students is be prepared for hard work, have a device and pay close attention. having a device would make the course much easier so that’s why I recommend it. If you aren’t prepared to do hard work you will be shocked how hard it is if you aren’t prepared. If you don’t pay close attention to what the teacher is saying you will have a hard time in class because you won’t know what to do because you were not paying attention.

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  1. A good start on this Jeffrey, though you can add more to your assignment. You should look to provide a more detailed description of your first few months at the school and should also look to improve upon the presentation of your work by integrating the photos and the text together. 3.

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