Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint

2. Nothing comes up when I search my name.

3. A) My digital footprint could have a history of what I have done good or bad. Job employers may see what you have done due to your digital footprint, it could be good or bad.

    B) My first strategy is don’t let random people on social media follow me and expose me for something that I am unaware of. My second strategy is use very strong passwords or different passwords for each site. My third strategy is don’t post anything or any words to do with your password.

    C) The information I learned that I would like to pass on is using very strong passwords because I know by experience, my clash of clans account got hacked 2 times because my password had something to do with my username. Once I changed it to something strong it never got hacked again. Image result for digital footprintImage result for digital footprintImage result for digital footprintImage result for digital footprintImage result for digital footprint

Image result for digital footprint

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  1. A good start Jeffrey, however, there is more that needs to be done in order to ensure that you fully complete this assignment. While you do have the required number of pictures you need to add much more to your information and answers. You should add some examples to question one and fully explain your answers. You should also add more to your response about the strategies you can use to stay safe online and ensure your responses are detailed. Finally you should look to improve the overall presentation of your information. Completing this assignment in Word may be more advisable than writing directly onto this site as it gives you more options for formatting and inserting your pictures. See me in Flex in room 213 if you require additional assistance in regards to this assignment. 2.

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