Digital Footprint

When I searched up my name on google, there were links to different facebook and instagram profiles. There was also a link for images, but none of the images were pictures of me which is of course a good thing. So seeing that there were no information about me or any pictures of me on google had made me relieved to see that my face or my identity isn’t shown to be seen by the public eye. Even though I found nothing about myself on google I did find a bunch of information about other people that have the same name as me which is a bit concerning because that means anyone can see and know everything about those people, even without those people knowing so basically they are exposed to the public eye and they have no privacy whatsoever.

1) How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give at least two examples.

Your digital footprint can affect your future opportunities because when you apply for a job the interviewer will most likely check your background/social media. They will check it because they want to see your status and make sure you haven’t done anything bad in the past that will affect your ability to work with the other employees or customers. That being said you need to be cautious about what you post on your social media accounts, because they might affect your chances of getting the job.

2) Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

One strategy to prevent your digital footprint from getting hacked and keeping it safe would be to use a strong password. By using a strong password you are protecting your account and also protecting your future. It is best to use a password that has plenty of letters and numbers, that means the password shouldn’t be as simple as 12345, using that type of password will most likely get you hacked. Instead try using a bunch of symbols and numbers like “$ and 6” or something.

Another strategy would be to be cautious of what you put on the internet and what you post on different social media’s, such as (instagram/Snapchat). Also make sure your account is private so that strangers don’t follow your account and use your personal information or pictures for bad things. Because by allowing people you don’t know have access to your account would put yourself in risk and also other people you know.

The last strategy would be to aware of who is following you and what kind of people they are. Nowadays, there are many different types of people in this world that would take advantage of you if you aren’t careful those type of people often target people that are easy to access and have personal information such as credit card number, phone number, etc, on their account. So it is best to check what type of people you are following and determine whether they will use your information.


3) What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them?

I learnt that my digital Literacy can cause a great impact to my future. It can affect my future job interviews, university applications, etc. I have also learned that it is best to have a safe password and to be careful of what you post onto the internet and social media, and also not to post any private information about myself. I would pass this on to the other students by just summarizing what was written above so that its short and easy to remember.

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