Take Your Child To Work Day Alternate Assignment

1. Describe your first two months at Heritage Woods. Have your first two months met your expectations? Why or why not? List and describe in detail three pieces of advice that you might offer to students of your former middle school who are entering Heritage next year? (Include images to assist you in explaining your points.

My first two months at Heritage Woods was quite fun, and have met my expectations in what high school should be like. I have met very nice people and made a few friends, the school schedule is pretty nice since we don’t have block 1 in grade 9, which allows me to sleep a little longer since I only have to come to school at 9:16 instead of 8:00 and it gives me more time to prepare for school. The other nice thing about this school is that we have flex, this allows me to have some time to finish off my unfinished homework or take a break before the next class starts. Since I usually utilize the time to take a break, I usually go to the library with my friends. Another thing that has met my expectations is the space, since this school is bigger than my previous school it took me sometime to get use to but I like how big the school is because it makes the rooms less cramped. This school has more classrooms than my old school so I get to meet more people in each class I go to. The last thing that’s nice about this school is that there are “non academic” classes such as art and photo which are the classes I have so there’s more variety to the things I learn at school.

The first advice I would offer to students entering Heritage next year is to not stress about getting to much homework because honestly teachers at this school don’t give a lot of homework, as long as you use the time they give you in class to work on the homework, you will be fine. The trick is to not procrastinate and use your time wisely because having overdue is very stressful, it is best to work on homework during flex because flex is actually very useful for last minute writing or help from teachers. The second advice I would give is to ask for help when you need it because the teacher will help you if you talk to them. They will help you with your work during flex and will answer any questions you have and if you have trouble with anything they will help you with your problem. The last advice to join as many clubs as you can because by joining clubs you’ll make lots of friends and maybe even discover what you like to do, this will also help with personal growth in speaking and also a lot of other things too.


2. Describe your ideal school in a post – what would you change from what you have experienced to date at Heritage Woods? What would the building look like, the courses offered and the style of learning – do you like the present style or would you like more choice? Include images to help you explain your points.

My ideal school would be a pretty large building with lots of rooms and a big cafeteria, it would also have a big gym so basically pretty much like Heritage Woods. The courses I would like to have offered would be art, photo, etc, also very similar to the courses they have here. I like the present style so I like this school a lot. I don’t really have an ideal school I guess this school is my ideal school cause it has all the courses that I want to take and everything pretty much fits my liking.

3. Research a career that you are interested in pursuing in the future. Why are you passionate about this career and what does the work entail? What qualifications and/or education will you need to pursue this career? Include images to help you explain your points.

The career I am interested in pursuing in the future is graphic design because there is a large variety of options for graphic design such as Postcards and flyers, Magazine and newspaper ads, Posters, banners and billboards, Infographics, Brochures (print and digital), Vehicle wraps, Signage and trade show displays, Email marketing templates, etc. So I can choose whichever one I like to do in the future. I am passionate about this career because I really like to draw and design things, I have been drawing for quite a while now and I think I would do a very good job in designing things for companies. Since I really like drawing I think that drawing designs would make me happy and I think it would be a job that I will never get bored or tired of doing. You will need a certificate or associate’s degree in graphic design may qualify graduates for assistant or technical support positions in the field. However, most graphic design positions require at least a bachelor’s degree. Students may benefit from attending one of the more than 300 schools approved by the National Association of Schools and Art Design. Some graphic design programs only admit applicants who have completed at least one year of art and design courses. Admission may also entail submission of sketches and other artwork. You will also need artistic and creative; strong presentation, verbal, visual, and written communication skills; ability to work independently and meet deadlines; business and sales skills a plus if self-employed.

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