Heart Rate Experiment

Core Competency: Communication

Here is evidence that I can… collaborate, teach, be considerate to others, discuss, contribute to class discussion, explain, justify, share ideas, etc.

For this project, my partner and I had to use the core competency communication because since we didn’t have enough class time to work on the project, we had to split of the roles for who does what. We also had to set a due date for ourselves as to when we put our parts together. We had to make sure both of us had equal parts in the project and what part we can do at school, and what parts we cannot. We also had to decide how we were going to do the experiment and what supplies we would need to bring to school for the experiment.

Ways I want to improve are…

The ways I want to improve are do the experiment a bit earlier and ahead of time so that we have more class time to work on applying the  data to our report.

One thought on “Heart Rate Experiment

  1. Good work adding your media Melissa. Be sure to add a reflection based on one of the core competencies to this project to receive full marks for digital literacy. 5.

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