English Skit

Core Competency:    Communication
In this project we used communication the most, we used it to share our ideas as a group, helped us get the project done faster and made things easier for all of us. When we were brainstorming for ideas, it was everyone talking at once and when one person said ok guys lets have one person at a time and we can vote for the best idea in the end. It helped us move along faster and get ahead. One thing I could improve on was making sure my ideas were heard by other group members. It was a fun project that involved a lot of communication and editing.

One thought on “English Skit

  1. 2.5 – You have made a good start in posting your assignment. You have added a reflection which is based around the core competencies but could add more information/explanation describing the process by which this assignment has led you to a new understanding of your skills and abilities.

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