Science 10, Pedigree Project

Competency Reflection:

Project name: Family Health History, Pedigree

This project is a meaningful project because it integrates the two parts of the core competencies: thinking and communication. When doing this project, thinking plays an important role. To illustrate, when doing the discussion question, there is a lot of thinking process. Also, communication happens a lot in the project. To specify, when I gathered the information, I asked questions to my mom at home and asked the question to my grandparents through video chat. I also discuss with classmates when I have questions. When I was doing this project, a challenge I had is organizing all the information, but I solve this problem by creating a clear list, so I will not be confused when I draw my pedigree. I think the I did good is that my pedigree and information is organized, and won’t make the reader confuse. However, in order to get a better mark, I need to make my information more comprehensive and complete and also provide more information(such as when does the disease begins). Therefore, this project helps us learn our family health history, and also help us improve our thinking and communication skills.

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