Shoe Project


My shoe is based off of Brent who is the main character in the novel, Whirligig. I have attached 12 pictures on the shoe which are all significant to my character in my novel in their own ways. They describe Brent’s characteristics, traits, and his personality.

Hand tools – Brent brings hand tools with him everywhere he goes which helps him in building the whirligig’s.

Headphones – Brent enjoys listening to music because at the beginning of the story, Brent wears headphones to a party. He also plays his harmonica during his trip.

Paintbrush – Represents the colors that Brent gives to the whirligig’s when painting them. This shows that Brent is a bit artistic.

American Flag – This just shows that Brent is American.

Plane – Near the end of the story Brent wants to go to every state in America. This shows that he enjoys travelling.

Blond hair – This represents the color of Brent’s hair

Family photo – This picture represents what Brent’s family looks like, and that he is the only child.

Earring – This just shows that Brent wears and earring.

Xbox controller – In the beginning of the story, Brent is playing video games in his spare time. This shows that Brent enjoys playing video games.

Alcohol bottle – Shows when Brent drank at the party, but it also shows that Brent is daring.

Angry face – This shows when Brent gets angry in the story because he has a short temper.

Code of Honors – This shows when Brent went to a private school his dad sent him to when he was younger.

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  1. Good work on your assignment and reflection Tyson. You could add more to your reflection discussing how you utilized the core competency when completing the assignment as opposed to explaining what you did. 4/5


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