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Hey I’m Eva i like playing rugby and volleyball my goal in these 2 sports is to get better at communication and skills because i think i’m  lacking in those 2 areas mostly. For academic goals i really want to focus on getting better grades and focusing on the school work and studying to get better at the subject to get better grades and study to make tests easier for me because i studied. another goal for me would be to get myself involved with different clubs to make new friends through out the year through those clubs to meet new people and in my class. this year is mainly focused on meeting new people and getting involved in new clubs.

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  1. Hi Eva –
    You haven’t achieved a passing mark on this assignment. Please have a look at the assignment page and follow the directions. You need a video, a quote, an image, and a link to your favourite website, as well as explanations for why these are meaningful to you. Please email me once you have made the changes.
    – Mr. Castonguay

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