Bill of rights.

Part 1.
1. if the King or Queen does not listen to the rules/laws stated by the Bill of Rights, the Parliament is expected to punish them fairly but strictly.

2. if a person is jailed or treated unfairly due to the previous rules set, then that person(s) shall receive a minimal amount of $2000 (amount determined by the seriousness of punishment).

Part 2.
1.In Cromwell’s portrait, i believe that he is trying to show people that he is just a normal human as anyone else by showing all his imperfections. he has a very serious face in the portrait which shows that he didn’t want to be shown as a fool, only someone who is straightforward and serious.

2.In king Charles I portrait i believe he wants to be shown as better than everyone else, as he is shown way up on his horse above everyone else, even the sun is shining directly onto him just to make him look ‘majestic’.

Part 3.

(i couldnt flip the photo)

in this photo you can see me happy with my friends, this shows me as a happy person and that i have people i can trust. i believe everyone has a right to be happy, i also believe that people should be able to be friends with whoever they want, no matter race or gender.

Reflection- in this assignment the main core competency i used was creative thinking. i did this because i had to create my own rules/laws for the bill of rights. for the second part i used critical thinking because i had to analyze the photos of the two men and tell my opinion on how they wanted to be seen. i also used creative thinking when choosing the photo for part 3, as i wanted it to show who i am as a person.

Poetry Film

Reflection- for this project the core competencies i used were communication and creative thinking. for communication i worked with others to complete a common goal and do my share of the work, although the video wasn’t finished, i still was able to do all the parts i needed to do. for creative thinking i made new ways to overcome or solve straightforward problems. i showed this by fixing some issues the group was having, like how we didn’t have enough people for someone to use the camera so i had an idea to tape the camera to someone head so its like its that persons POV.

PicLit Mrs.Ross


Reflection- for this project i used Creative thinking and Critical thinking. for creative thinking i built on others ideas and generated my own, i was having trouble thinking of what to write but then i looked at some other posts for inspiration, this helped me tremendously in choosing a topic and figuring out what to write. for critical thinking i explored other materials and actions, as i said before, i was having trouble figuring out what to type, so used other materials to help/boost my thinking. i also monitored my progress and adjusted my actions to fit what needed to be done. i did this by re-watching what i have done and edited it so that the final product would look better.

Water Cycle Comic

For this project i used the core competencies Creative thinking and critical thinking. For creative thinking, i used the tactic of making my ideas work or change what i am doing to complete the work. I am not very good at drawing, so I had to change up my style to make the overall product look better. it took a couple tries to get the results I wanted but it was worth it. for critical thinking i used Develop and design. as I said earlier, I had to change change up the stuff i was doing and experiment with new things so that i could show my ideas clearly and thoroughly. i had lots of fun doing this project, as i enjoy more ‘hands-on’ type work.

Current Lab

Reflection- for this project i used the core competencies communication and social responsibility. for communication i could give, receive and act on feedback from myself and others. we had a text group chat so that we could communicate clearly and effectively, if one of us didnt finish a part or put in wrong information, we could text them and give them feedback on how to fix it. for social responsibility i can be part of a group and can identify when myself or others need support. someone in my group was having a hard time explaining one of the topics so i helped him so that it would get done.

Socials Radio Assignment

By Me, Ali and Ty.

Reflection- the core competencies i used for this project were, communication, creative thinking and critical thinking. for communication, i was able to answer and give questions to other group members, take an active role in the group so that i could contribute and can understand the information that is shared/given to me. For creative thinking i was able to build the skills i needed to make the results work, i didn’t really know how to edit in the background noises or record my voice, but my other group mates helped me and i was able to do all that stuff easily. for critical thinking i experimented with different ways of doing things, instead of editing the stuff on a phone (which wouldn’t have sounded very good), my group and I decided to edit the sound on sound file editing program on a computer. this let us contribute many more ideas and make the final product sound extremely good.

Infographic Assignment

1. if you are looking for a quote or phrase, simply put in quotation marks at the start and end of whatever your trying to search. (‘its a trap’)
2. if you want to exclude a word from appearing in your search, put in what you would like to search, then add a – then the words you dont want the computer to search for (trucks for sale -car) this means that it will exclude any results with that word in it.
3. if you are trying to search a quote, but dont remember all the words, you can put an asterisk (*) in place of the missing words. ( gunna * my horse to the * town *)


the search count goes down by millions by adding the quotation marks.
citation for what i was looking for-

1. an easy way to tell if a site is legitimate or not is to check if they have made any un-professional mistakes, like misspelt words or links that dont work. never use a wiki, blog or any website where people can edit and create there own posts. anyone can lie about anything and you wouldn’t know it. make sure you double check everything you read online with another trusted website to see if its accurate or not.

1. a PLN (personal learning network) is best described as a network of people or organizations working together and sharing information with one another. this can include questions, ideas, references, and their reflections.

2b. the first step is to review any social medias that could benefit you and others, then separate/balance out the differences between work and your personal life. Gather apps and utilities that will help you gain and share information, like bookmarks, search engines and some social medias.after that, expand your knowledge, join new groups and meet new people. one of the most important things is to stay active in your PLN, the more active you are, the more exposed you are to new ideas and knowledge.

Digital Footprint

Q1. when i searched up my real name, there were no results showing my digital footprint, but when i googled my online username (ITsWAGONFALL2), there was a ton of my stuff that i have made with many different apps. My YouTube, twitch, tik tok and twitter, all of which are my own accounts, can appear to anyone that searches it up. its easy to believe that tons and tons of random people can easily access this public information, as i intended for other people to see my stuff/work.

Q2. most businesses and schools these days look into your past with social media, so it is extremely important to be careful for anything that you post. you have to be 100% sure that it will not cause harm or anger to anyone that might see it, especially if the account your using is public. your boss could find a photo or video of you being reckless or committing dangerous acts, and choose not to hire you. this is the same thing for schools. Garenteed if you want to get into a highly prestigious school they will check all of your social media, to ensure that you will be a good example of that school.

Q3. Never, Ever post something that someone else tells you not to post, its a massive invasion of privacy and you could end up in the most trouble you’ve ever been in. Make sure that what your posting isn’t racist, sexist or offensive in any way. make sure your passwords and login information is secure, theres nothing worse than waking u[ in the morning and finding out your accounts are hacked and someone is saying things that are not true. another smart way to keep your digital footprint safe is to delete any problems, deleting something isn’t always a garentee that its gone, as someone might have screenshotted it, but it will help in the future so that you dont have to worry about anything.

Q4. although i learnt a lot of this information in middle school, i think i is extremely important for kids to go through a refresher on how to stay safe online, as when your in high school your exposed to so much more on the internet. i think a good way of passing on information to younger students would be to give them certain situations where they have to; find the issue, solve the issue, and learn how to prevent it from happening again.

Take Your kid to Work Day 2018

Name of your host: Blair Mitchell Relationship to you: Father

The Interview: (ask your host these questions)

1. What is your job title? Tradesman

2. What is your job description? All types of plumbing/ Drainage work

3. What are the duties and/or tasks you perform at your job? Drain Cleaning
Drain Repair
Wet Basement Solutions
Water Main Replacement or Repair
Trenchless Technology
Excavating by hand or machine
Emergency Services Available
Consultations Available Upon Request
Foundation Crack Repair

4. What qualifications do you have for this job in the following areas:
a) training? 4-5 years of apprenticeship, then you can get a license
b) education? at least a high school diploma so that you can get an apprenticeship
c) experience? Vocational training, Diploma or G.E.D and a completed apprenticeship program
d) skills and attributes (personal qualities)?

5. What are some of the things you like about the job? it pays very well, most jobs take only a day

6. What are some of the things you dislike about this job? it is very physical, sometimes jobs can be very frustrating

7. How do you anticipate this job changing in the next 5 years or so? either was more or way less work

Other question (s):

Student Reflections:

1. Give three reasons why you would like this job (be specific):
a) Pays well (20 dollars an hour for 8 hours a day)
b) its way easier if your physically fit
c) most of the stuff you have to learn is simple

2. Give three reasons why you would not like this job (be specific):
a) can be very stressful
b) very hard if your not good at paying attention to small details
c) you can end up being extremely busy, not much spare time

3. Is this job for you? Why or why not?
I’m not sure if this is the job for me or not, I like many parts of it but there are some parts that I do not like, one of the biggest reasons is how much time it takes up, and the pressure that’s put on you to not screw up.

4. Explain the value of the TYKTW experience in relation to your ideas about your post secondary (after high school) plans (education?, training?, travel?, work?). many parents would like there kids to follow in their footsteps, this day gives the kids a chance to experience what there parents go through every day to take care of the family.

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