Bill of rights.

Part 1.
1. if the King or Queen does not listen to the rules/laws stated by the Bill of Rights, the Parliament is expected to punish them fairly but strictly.

2. if a person is jailed or treated unfairly due to the previous rules set, then that person(s) shall receive a minimal amount of $2000 (amount determined by the seriousness of punishment).

Part 2.
1.In Cromwell’s portrait, i believe that he is trying to show people that he is just a normal human as anyone else by showing all his imperfections. he has a very serious face in the portrait which shows that he didn’t want to be shown as a fool, only someone who is straightforward and serious.

2.In king Charles I portrait i believe he wants to be shown as better than everyone else, as he is shown way up on his horse above everyone else, even the sun is shining directly onto him just to make him look ‘majestic’.

Part 3.

(i couldnt flip the photo)

in this photo you can see me happy with my friends, this shows me as a happy person and that i have people i can trust. i believe everyone has a right to be happy, i also believe that people should be able to be friends with whoever they want, no matter race or gender.

Reflection- in this assignment the main core competency i used was creative thinking. i did this because i had to create my own rules/laws for the bill of rights. for the second part i used critical thinking because i had to analyze the photos of the two men and tell my opinion on how they wanted to be seen. i also used creative thinking when choosing the photo for part 3, as i wanted it to show who i am as a person.

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  1. 2.5 – You have made a good start in posting your assignment. You have added a reflection which is based around the core competencies but could add more information/explanation describing the process by which this assignment has led you to a new understanding of your skills and abilities.

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