June 18

Animal Farm Campaign Video


Because I worked with some new people for this project, I had to use my communication skills to feel more ‘flexible’ around them. Usually when I work with new people, I feel really tense and become a bit introverted. However, I was able to communicate with my group members with ease, because I did have some close friends with me. So that put my mind at ease when I was working with different people. I always try to use my communication skills in group projects because I’m not used to change, and that’s something I want to work on and improve.

June 12

French Revolution Radio Broadcast

Working on this project actually had me working on my communication skills because my partner was actually someone I’d never worked with before. So, as we were working on the project, I had to use my communication skills to become more comfortable with them. So, I acted natural around them and that way we easily got the project done. Especially when we did the screams for the recording. I had a good laugh at that. Overall, I think I improved

January 20

Take Your Kid To Work Day 2018

Name of your host: Brett Pickles         Relationship to you: Father 


The Interview: 

  1. What is your job title?

Contract Manager 

  1. What is your job description? 

“contracts managers oversee projects from the start through to completion, ensuring that work is completed on time and within its budget.”: https://www.careerstructure.com/careers-advice/profiles/contracts-manager  

What are the duties and/or tasks you perform at your job? 

Because he works for a window company, there are a ton of blueprints. This company has a lot of groups or teams, and they make blueprints for other companies. My dad is the contract manager of his group, so whatever blueprints he gets, he would make sure that all the measurements are correct and then he’d send those to someone who can make those windows. 

What qualifications do you have for this job in the following areas: 

  1. a) training?

He’s currently in training right now. 

  1. b) education?

My dad used to work at IT and worked as a computer specialist, so before working at Starline, he was a bit of a computer geek. After that, he was a construction worker. So, he has experience with building things and fixing computers and building things with complicated blueprints. 

  1. c) experience?

He used to work for PBEM, a building company and he used to be a construction worker. So he’s used to building and handling blueprints quite a bit. 

  1. d) skills and attributes (personal qualities)?

He’s easy to get along with and makes things clear and understandable, if there’s a mistake in the blueprints he’ll sort it out with the rest of his team. 

What are some of the things you like about the job?  

The money is pretty good, so we have enough money to take care of ourselves. Plus, my dad just got a 10 thousand dollar raise, which is even better. 

What are some of the things you dislike about this job? 

How the shop can be loud when I go to get lunch, and when at one point I don’t have any emails, and then bam, my inbox is full of new things I need to take care of. One more thing is that the drive to get there and come back is almost 40 minutes long. 

How do you anticipate this job changing in the next 5 years or so? 

Hopefully to get a raise and become the leader of his team. That way the people there look up to him, and he becomes a technical leader at his work. 

 (Starline Windows building under construction).

Student Reflections: 

Give three reasons why you would like this job (be specific): 

  1. a)I’ve wanted an office of my own like my dad has because I work better when it is quiet and there aren’t many distractions.
  2. b)The people who also work there seem to be friendly, and I feel like I’d work well with them over time. 
  3. c)The job seems to pay a decent amount of money, which would be great so I could be financially balanced, but also have a little extra money on the side.

Give three reasons why you would not like this job (be specific): 

  1. a)I would have to show up at 8, meaning I would have to wake up a bit early in the morning because it takes me a long time to wake up.
  2. b)I feel like I would be all over the place because I’d always be correcting blueprints and making sure nothing is wrong with them.     
  3. c) To get in the doors, you need to use a keycard. And I feel like I would lose mine a countless number of times.    

Is this job for you? Why or why not? 

Overall, I think this job would be good for me because I’d be in a good place financially, I’d get along well with the others, and I could have a workspace that I love. A small, and simple office. 

Explain the value of the TYKTW experience in relation to your ideas about your post-secondary (after high school) plans (education? training? travel? work?). 

TYKTWD is important because it gives someone the time to think about what kind of job they want. If someone really loves the work that their parent does, then they’d probably try to reach for that. If they don’t want a job like theirs, they would know that for sure and they could focus on what they really want to do. 

September 6

Greetings, Earth!

About Me:

My name is Zoe, and I have two sides to me. Really simple. One is really awkward and quiet. Like when I first meet people, or I’m deeply focused on one of my drawings. I’m more of an introvert when I’m not really good friends with someone. But the second I’m with my best friend, that side disappears. It’s almost like a different person. I’m loud and tell way too many stories that involve us making fun of each other and laughing at ourselves. There are almost too many things that I love, But first things first, here is my favourite video:

Why Do I Love This Video?

Well, something that I love about this video is when they try to do something so simple, they’re able to laugh at themselves when they can’t speak correctly. However, the main reason this is my favourite video is because it’s very relatable. When I’m with my best friend, we can’t speak correctly a lot of the time either. We always laugh and tease each other about it, making them great memories of the two of us. Finally, this is a video I’d always laugh at. If I see something too many times, I don’t seem to enjoy it as much as I did the first time. However, this is the video that always cheers me up after I’ve had a bad day.

What Other Things Do I Love?

I don’t use social media to often, except for YouTube, but my favourite website would be Netflix. Why? It’s simple, really. Netflix is the one place where I could always watch my favourite shows or movies, like Inception or Prison Break. Other than Netflix, my go-to website when I’m bored or tired would be YouTube, so I can watch meme compilations.

URLS: https://www.netflix.com/ca/ 



There are many movies I haven’t seen because I’m more into watching TV shows (I fall asleep during almost any movie), but a certain picture of a movie character has become my favourite image of all time.

URL: https://www.google.ca/search?q=71iDNv9PYlL._SY355_.jpg&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=HBN4NYlMxs4qpM%253A%252CSa9DnzllQdlzjM%252C_&usg=AFrqEzegZukLeoEB_XM6CGl9lWqp2xNXJQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjqxKTPoqzdAhXji1QKHQbgBZkQ9QEwAHoECAEQBA#imgrc=HBN4NYlMxs4qpM:

My best friend sent me this image not too long ago, and it has now become my profile picture for literally everything. This is a character named Snowball from the movie The Secret Life Of Pets, which was released on June 16th, 2016. Even though I haven’t watched it, there’s something about this photo that I adore.

That is pretty much all there is to know about me! I laugh and adore the little things in life.