June 18

Animal Farm Campaign Video


Because I worked with some new people for this project, I had to use my communication skills to feel more ‘flexible’ around them. Usually when I work with new people, I feel really tense and become a bit introverted. However, I was able to communicate with my group members with ease, because I did have some close friends with me. So that put my mind at ease when I was working with different people. I always try to use my communication skills in group projects because I’m not used to change, and that’s something I want to work on and improve.


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  1. Lance Castonguay

    3.5 You have made a good start in posting your assignment. You have added a reflection which is based around the core competencies but could add more information/explanation describing the process by which this assignment has led you to a new understanding of your skills and abilities. .5


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