Digital Learning 10 Extracurricular, Sway, and Interview Project

4. Digital Literacy Interview Project – (3 sections) 25% of your mark.

Extracurricular due: November 20th – must be embedded under Extracurricular.

Sway due: November 25th  –Your Sway must be embedded on the “Capstone” Page on your blog.

Interviews will be on the date and time scheduled by your DL Teacher.

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Infographic – How to Embed

Please note – All images below are clickable.  Click to enlarge if the image is too small.

– Log In to Piktochart
– Click the Share button (top right)
– Select “Anyone Can View the Sharing Link”

– Select the <> icon to get the embed code
– Copy the first (shorter) block of code

– Create a new page on your blog – “Infographic Assignment”
– Create a heading and introduction on the Infographic Assignment page
– Click “Add Media”
– Click “Insert Embed Code”
– Paste the code from Piktochart

– Click “Insert Into Post”
– Click the “Publish” button
– Copy the Permalink for the page
– Edit the “Digital Literacy 10” page
– Paste the permalink at the top of your Digital Literacy 10 page
– Click the “Publish” button


Bring Your Own Device Information

Hello future HWSS parents and students!  We are pleased to present you with the two documents that were mentioned at the information night.

  • The Education Easy Care Plan from Staples
    • Four-year plan
    • Covers ONE claim over the life of the plan
    • Includes liquid spills, drops, cracks, LCD screens, broken AC pins, etc
    • Cost of the plan varies depending on cost of the device
    • The plan provides a replacement or gift card in the amount of the original purchase
    • One-time free battery and/or adapter replacement for laptops
  • HWSS recommended devices
    • Starts at $334
    • Four suggested options
    • Store staff are familiar with the HWSS BYOD program, and can provide personalized service in selecting the right device for your student
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Allowing Comments on Pages – Important!

It is important that you modify your pages to allow comments in order to receive feedback on your assignments for Digital Literacy 10 and in other classes.  You must enable comments for every new page that you create.

The procedure for enabling comments is very simple and is detailed in the steps below.  Click the images to make them larger.

Even if you have already submitted your work you can go back and complete this step in order to receive feedback and have your assignments marked.

Reflecting On Your Learning

An important part of learning is to reflect on what you have learned. You are all familiar with the Core Competencies from Middle School.  For each assignment you add to your portfolio, you should be writing a reflection paragraph on how the assignment demonstrates the Core Competencies.

The document below gives instructions on developing your own questions and responses for your reflection paragraph. Your reflections may touch on a few competencies or may only focus on one area of development and growth.

Reflection Paragraph Instructions – click here.


Welcome to the Heritage Woods Digital Literacy Blog

Welcome to the Heritage Woods Digital Literacy Network!

This is where you will find information about the Digital Literacy 10 Course as well as information and tips on creating and maintaining your blog as a showcase of your learning here at Heritage Woods Secondary.

Continue to check this space for updates, tips and other information. Also be sure to leave a comment as well if you so wish.

If you were not here on the first day of school and missed the Digital Bootcamp and need to create a blog please see Mr. Aitken or Mr. Prensky. Be sure to have your school email address and password available when you come to see us.

Here is a link to the Digital Literacy Presentation from Tuesday, September 5th.