About Me

About me:

My name is Sadie, I am a grade 9 at heritage woods. I am in the epic program, which means every day I leave early to go train for dance. I do my studios half-day dance program, so I dance half of the day instead of school for a whole day. I do a high level very competitive dance which means I train a lot. I have 1 dog and 1 cat. My dog is a 5-month-old corgi puppy. His name is Finn. My cat is 15. In my other spare time, when I’m not playing with my dog. I like to watch Netflix, my favorite show is called the 100. I am always super busy with dance but I still manage my time to always finish my homework and hang out with friends.

Favourie video:

This video is a compilation of some of the biggest dance moms (moms) meldowns/ fights. I watch dance moms a lot and thinks it it very entertaining. I am a dancer myself but the moms of my studio are not even close to these moms. I can relate to the dance parts of the show because i do the same kinds of dance at the same high competitive level as these girls.


my favorite website is Brandy  Melville

My favorite website is Brandy Melville. Brandy Melville is a clothes store. It is one of my top favorite stores to shop at. All of the clothes are nice and cute. They have a one size fits all, and I fit most of their clothes. Their stores are always super organized and easy to find things. The online store only ships to America, but I have a mailbox in America so I can order online. I also love their style and a nice selection of clothes. It is also nicely priced.

My favorite photo:

Photo creds: Me (Sadie)

This is my dog, Finn. He is a Pembroke welsh corgi, puppy. We got him in late June 2019. My sister and I were heading to the parking lot to see our parents picking us up from a long day of dance. Along with seeing our parents they were holding this 10-week olf corgi puppy. I will never forget that amazing surprise. I took this picture about 2 months ago. Now he is 5 months old so that would have made him 3 months old in this photo. This picture is my favorite because it really can show his personality. He is a hyper, energized, loves to play, and bites lots. He is actually biting and playing with me at this moment in the picture. If you scroll up just to peek at that photo again, you can see the look in his eyes saying, give it to me or ill bite you.


Favorite quote:

Quote by Misty Copeland, I found it on the website Pinterest

This is a quote from one of my favorite dancers. Misty Copeland grew up the same way I did, through dance. She is such a big inspiration to me because of the way she was treated differently when she danced and that just inspired me to. This quote is motivational, it even says motivation at the bottom. In the future, I want to try to remember this quote and think of it in whatever I’m in a tough situation. If I am ever getting back negativity like this says, I should push through it and “stay strong”.