English 9-animal farm assignment- Boxer

My reaction to how Boxer’s loyalty was shockingly betrayed was a bit sad. I honestly liked boxer a lot out of all the characters. He was one of my favorites. I think he didn’t harm the farm at all. Boxer seemed to be a very hard working and strong character. From reading, I already new the pigs were selfish and unfair, but I didn’t think they would send away boxer. Boxer didn’t deserve to be sent away to the glue boiler factory. Boxer constantly worked hard for the farm and was loyal to the farm. All the pigs did was see through him and sent him to be slaughtered/send him away for money. The pigs took full advantage of boxers strength by overworking him and cutting his food rations. I think another reasons the pigs sent him away was because they viewed him as just a tool. A tool they could just throw away for money. An example of boxers loyalty to the farm (from the text) says “Boxer refused to take even a day off work” (pg.62).