Water Cycle Comic

Core Competency Reflection:

Creative Thinking:

For the areas I did well on in the creation of my water comic, I have thought creatively and have drawn based off of my own thinking. My character is rather “cute” and comical which suits this rather informal, picture based assignment. I believe almost anyone can understand what I’m trying to explain and describe in the water cycle by seeing the pictures and not so complex language I have used. As for the parts where I feel like I need to improve in, I didn’t put as much care into my colouring as I should’ve so I ended up colouring outside of the lines. I could’ve changed my wording and descriptive language into something more fun and exciting, yet informative. In the process of creating this water comic, I have thought about perhaps writing a third person point of view in the boxes above the picture sections and added comments made by the water droplet in each scene. Though by the time I’d gotten this idea, I was already in the procedure of going over the words with a fineliner. Next time I will use this idea and add more scenes to create more room to add information for a better understanding of the water cycle.



I believe the way I communicated my knowledge of the water cycle in this comic is rather clear and easy to understand. The language used can be understood by almost anyone with the help of the images I have drawn. It isn’t complex which makes it easy to understand without much knowledge of the water cycle. As for areas I could improve in, I do believe that I could’ve improved more in making the water cycle more fun and exciting for the reader. In my opinion, it seems rather boring and doesn’t feel like something that would interest the reader so much. Perhaps next time, I can add a joke or two to spice up the journey of the water droplet.


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