Extracurricular Activity

My extracurricular activity outside of school is piano. I’ve been playing the piano since grade five. For four years, this has been my favourite hobby. I go to classes once a week and practice everyday or so for thirty minutes total. Time flies by when I’m playing this instrument. I chose this instrument because I have vivid memories, since I was a young age where I would make my parents put on a TV channel that had professional piano players playing this melodic and angelic instrument. I would adore the way that their fingers would glide against the keys and make different dynamics. It amazed me how this instrument could make soft and low, almost sad noises but also could make strong, high and happy sounds. It seemed like another language but in notes. I wanted to see for myself how’d it be like to communicate with other musicians but in the form of notes. My first piano lesson was so exciting, I soon learnt most things I found astonishing as a child. I’m still working on finishing everything I’ve ever wanted to know about piano. I ended up playing for my whole school, church and I attended many recitals. I felt accomplished after every performance, but the best performance I’ve ever played was for my family. In the future, I see myself teaching piano as a hobby, plus I can make salary off of it. The piano has impacted me and my view on music. I now see music as something fun and delightful.

About Me

Hello, my name is Khousheh (pronounced coo-shay). I prefer being called Shay, because it’s the abbreviated version of my legal name. This is my first year at high school and I enjoy it so far. Although, I admit the whole transition on the first day was overwhelming. Seeing older kids, new faces, potentially more work to do and even the aroma had changed. Now I feel more adjusted in as ever. Some of my hobbies are piano, ice skating, volleyball and helping the community out by volunteering, especially if it involves younger kids.

Yt vid:

“Don’t go to Iran” is by far my most favourite YouTube video. I remember discovering this video when I was in grade six and the title immediately caught my attention. Don’t go to Iran? As a Persian myself, I loved it there. Why would anyone say that they shouldn’t go? I clicked the video and I had definitely judged a book by it’s cover. This almost four minute video had shown me the full culture of Iran. The nourishment, the hospitality of my people, the cultural wealth, and the amazing landscapes. Other mainstream media platforms, such as the news, will never show this side of Iran. This video portrays Iran more realistically, and that’s why this video is meaningful to me.


favourite quote: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”  – Winnie the Pooh

I have a few trustworthy relationships that I share with my friends that I’m so lucky to maintain to this day. Saying goodbye to any of them will be very hard, almost impossible to let go. This quote is meaningful to me because it reminds me how fortuitous I am to have some individuals in my present life, always in the back of my head knowing that they’ll be there for me to support me through thick and thin. 

My favourite website is Netflix. This entertainment site allows you to watch all genres of tv shows, cartoons and movies. Like drama, coming of age, documents, horror, comedy, romantic comedy, romance, fantasy, political, action, crime, musicals, western, sci-fi, historical, anime, and science fiction. For only $9 a month with no ads whatsoever. You can put on your favourite show whenever you want. My personal favourites are The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Glee, and The Good Place. My most liked feature of this website is that I can find the cartoon shows I used to watch as a kid. I love how Netflix keeps a mix of both old and new shows/movies. http://netflix.com

A picture that has impacted me is this drawing of Cameron Boyce drawn by @robin_amar on Instagram. Cameron Boyce, an actor who I saw for the very first time on a kid’s show called “Jessie”. His fictional characters name was Luke Ross. At only six years old, I thought it was love at first site. The more I watched this show, the more I found a liking for him. Until years went by and I stopped watching the show and I also forgot my fictional childhood crush. On July 6, 2019 I woke up to unfortunate news. Cameron Boyce had passed away because of a seizure he had in his sleep at only twenty years old. This drawing and any other remembrance of him has impacted me, because it reminds me to live today like there’s no tomorrow